I want to be tied up.

When I was little and would watch movies with people being tied up or with "damsel in distress" scenarios, I would start to get excited. When my friends and I would play around, I would always want to be the helpless one that needed rescuing. When I started reading romance novels and the hero would save the heroine, or the heroine was in trouble, I would feel this pang "down there" and would later find myself wet. One day while searching for a simple damsel in distress story, I stumbled upon a fiction website with stories of women being tied up. That's when I had my first o*****. I just kind of pushed my legs together and it just happened. I don't think I realized what had happened at first, but soon figured it out. About a year later, I moved on to bondage p***. I never liked doing this but I was always fascinated by it. I began looking into e-books with bondage themes, and would spend time looking through internet sites for videos and pictures. I began fantasizing about being kidnapped and tied up, and was soon able to make myself come without looking at anything. I've been to the brink several times in public situations, simply because I zoned off and started thinking about it. I hate myself for this, because bondage is supposed to be a bad thing. Being helpless and in harms way should terrify me, but I want it more than anything else.

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  • I have enjoyed being tied up and gagged for as long as I can remember. In one of my idle moments, I tried to estimate the number of hours I had spent bound and gagged over the last thirty years. The total was ~2880 hours or a total of 120 full days of lying helplessly tied up, some of those hours in very strenuous positions, such as hogties, reverse prayers and the Hojo-Jutsu ebizeme position. I enjoyed every one of those 172,800 minutes.

  • Yes I am like U but I want be tied up and sometime tied up other guys

  • I have that damsel in distress fantasy all the time. But I'm a guy. Being crossdressed, made up, and tied up is SO hot because I have no control and could be discovered.


  • Dont sweat it its just your fetish if you want ill tie you up. jk xD

  • I like to be tied up .i want be tied up and sometime tied up other guy.

  • Oh my gash like as me

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