My p**** is small

I am 13 , And when I got to school , some girls talk about how "big" or how "small" their boyfriends p**** are. I haven`t seen anyone with a smaller one then mine. I am very popular at my middle school (8th grade) but i`m insecure about my p****. I`m not very tall as well i'm around 4'2 and my shoe size is 7. Most people joke about p**** size at school and some people ask me how big is your p****. I do give them false sizes because I am very insecure. What should I do.

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  • I'm a 35yo guy with a slightly smaller than average d*** - and I've never found it to be a problem. I've had s** with about 60-70 women, and a number of them have only been able to o***** with me - it's not about size, it's about turning them on.

    A great advantage in having a smaller d*** is also that a lot more women are willing to try it up the ass from you - I've taken the a*** virginity of 4 or 5 women and it's awesome!

  • Give yourself time - you don't stop growing until your twenties plus its true what is said above
    Its all about building a girl up first. By the time it gets to s** a girl doesnt care if its bright purple with a smiley tattoo on it!!!!

  • sheep cant laugh,ur d*** will always be little.go to vet school so u have access...i would go wit the shee unless ur q****

  • Paint it yellow and tell people it's a pencil.

    - Squadfather

  • your d*** stops growing at age 12 so its not going to get bigger,u should give up on ever having a woman since they will laugh at it as soon a see it.move 2 the mountians buy your self some sheep and live off the land

  • Women do not give a flip about p**** size. This is a mistake most men make, Making s** awesome for a female is 95% knowing what to tickle in her head the other 5% is taking your time building her up, how you push her over the edge really does not matter. Money don't hurt ether, just ask Bill Gate if you own "Microsoft" you don't need to be "Largehard".

  • You shouldn't worry cause your still young and you shouldn't be insecure. I'm sure when your older things will be different and it won't be as worrying x

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