I'm a girl, I've been masturbating for years, and I'm a teen but I've still never had an o*****, I've fingered I've rubbed and whenever I'm done I really don't think I have one but I can't keep going. WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH ME!? I just want to have one and now I'm afraid that I won't when I have s** either and it will just be entirely disappointing.

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  • Buy a vibrator. If that doesn't work see a doctor.

  • i wrap a hotdog in plastic wrap and i shove it in and out really fast and really hard, then i just shove it in and leave it there for a while then i start shoving it in and out faster!!

  • Boo f****** hoo

  • try to watch hardcore porns ... i hit o****** only the 7 or 8th time .. don worry ..

  • I can only o***** through rubbing my c***.. I hate it! I wish I could o***** through fingering or s**..

  • try rubbing ur c*** at different speeds, maybe getting a vibrator if you can..if you are still a virgin it probally wont be stimulating to put anything inside of you, and might hurt more than anything...let ur mind go and only think about what turns u on, even if u think its weird...try watching p*** or reading adult storied...i only take about 3-5 mintues this way...if you get frustrated stop...as a girl it will be very hard to climax if your not relaxed....i have never had one by anything other than m***********, so i dont know if they feel different if s** is involved.

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