I was the other woman......man down!

I was on my knees sucking his c***, in his house, twenty minutes after his partner left for work. What was he thinking leaving him alone with me. After we smoked a bowl, I started rubbing his c*** through his pants and he said he did not fool around like this. Yet he hardened. It was hot. I pulled his c*** out and started sucking. I asked him what he wanted and he said, "I don't do this". That is what he said last time when he f***** my ass. I said, "Why don't I just suck you off and we will call it that". "Yeah that's OK" he said. I went down, deep throat-ed and let him f*** my throat. He was working up a good moan and I could feel his nut begin to pop in my mouth as I heard the door open. I caught the second load in my open mouth as I was standing and swallowed, pulling up my pants. We were busted. He was standing there hurt in his eyes. I did not really care. I was slumming in the first place. I mean really, these guys were not even part of my social circle. They were riff-raff I hang with specifically for s** and nothing else. Thinking of his load hitting my tongue as the door opened, makes me rock hard. I have beat off to it already four times in two days. Now, ya gotta ask yourself if this is true or just a f***** up fantasy???

Feb 7, 2012

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  • You smoked a bowl? Did you know that's highly illegal? What the b***** h*** is wrong with you and that guy? You can't just BUY it from the b***** supermarket! Your "FRIEND" is someone I'd never even want to b***** look at!

  • Should I text him and find out if he survived?...I would suck that meat again. Yesterday I got pounded by this thick huge black c*** and he pointed his big anaconda at my face and shot his load down my throat using his thick c*** the spoon what hit my cheeks into my mouth. That is how to swallow a huge load ladies! Open that mouth!

  • I Just don't feel bad at all......no a drop of guilt. Would love to have stayed and see who slept where that night or if they survived the moment. I know he was partnered, but I had a craving and he had a fabulous c***. He was so hurt, he said, "I thought we were friends, how could you". I thought he was a sucker from day one and should have seen he was with a player. That is just the way it goes.

  • What you have done is completely wrong. Its selfish and hurtful. I hope his partner leaves him for s******* around with a s*** like you.

  • Makes me want a load of c** and im not gay .

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