Just s*** people

That sometimes I hate Hispanic people! I am Mexican but when I see a new place is been built,I think and say to my self why bother and make it nice when people just going to trash it!like a super market that was finish last may,I am here to get something and I look at the parking lot and it looks like s***! Trash everywhere,people double park,even a idiot checking his car, and than they say that everyone hates us and people are racist,but reality is we don't have respect for this great and beautiful country!to all the f****** Latinos that are this way go back to whatever country you came from!like i say just s*** people!

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  • u r very lucid and fair to be intra-critical. me too, as a chinese, i am aware of same programmed community culture traits that i wanna to abandone. it's not about the tradition/norms, i dont give a s*** to let people impose me wth s*** rules, it's about good and bad, reasonable or not, civilize or not...
    yeah, some people just deserved racist i agree.
    this is conclusion from my very personal experience...

  • I like to f*** teen Latinas, even though most of them have stinky p******.

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