S** with my best friend

I have regular s** with one of my best friends at least 4 times a week, we have been making love for over 4 months now and we try all sort of things, the thing is I really like him and I think he is just doing it for the pleasure, also If we had a relationship I wouldn't want it to be just about s**,I don't think he loves me back, what should I do? Because I don't want to stop the s** and things!

Feb 12, 2012

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  • You are a judgmental moron, lol.

  • Like you do for your butt buddies?

  • You really needn't worry about this relationship becoming just about s**. This relationship is ALREADY just about s**. The only thing remaining undecided is whether you're willing to continue the relationship on those terms, or end it and try to find someone with whom you can have a relationship that's about love. If you like the s** as much as you say, that'll be enough for you. Otherwise, you're spinning your wheels.

  • You are a wh*re. Stupid women act like s**** and then want guys to respect and love them.

  • if he's your best friend, why can't you talk about your feelings for him... with him ?

    if you're worried you'll lose the s** if he doesn't feel the same.... then you have to choose risking everything for a relationship you seem to be hoping for... or don't say anything and keep things as they are... until you or he finds someone else they want to love and f***

  • just shut up and spread you legs bytch

  • Kiss off butt boy, lol.

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