They don't know s***

Everyone at school thinks I'm a goody goody who wouldn't hurt a fly but what they don't know is that in my head I think about killing everyone who has ever p***** me off at that school. They also think that I'm to good to do anyhting bad, that I don't have the guts to try weed or get drunk. What they dont know is I smoke weed almost eveery week, sometimes more then once in one week,have gotten drunk before, have 2 of my own pieces, and have done cocaine. It p***** me off that they all brag about getting drunk and smoking like they're all hardassas for it when in reality like more then half the school f****** does it but some of us do it becauase we actually like it and aren't jsut doing it to make ourselves look like tough b******.

Feb 16, 2012

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  • How is drink or drugs badass? When you're older than like 12 it really isn't

  • Thank you.
    Someone liike me. Hah.

  • i get called swot and a virgin i get asked to do homework for people and my cousain is one ofthe most popular girls and im no virgin she is i get slaughteree she only had sips from mammy so just proves it btwim 13

  • drugs r bad and your dumass friends and u should know that. dont be afraid to go against the flow and be a 'goody goody'. people will likeu for who u r:]

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