Im a 18 year old gay white boy. iv always wanted a big black c*** to suck. any takers? hit me up at chibydog@yahoo.com

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  • i'm happy for guys like you. expect my email. i want to force my 10" c*** down your throat until i'm fully pleasured. then spin your little twink ass around for some rough action. you're gonna love it. get ready...

  • Hmmmm. Sounds good. My d*** feels like it's going to burst!

  • I like my little b****** to suck that thing like a pro then give me a smooth sissy ass to f*** hard.

  • Wow! That's just what I'm looking for. My d*** got hard reading what you said. Let's get together!

  • That probably aint happening. I got my choice of lots of white twinks. They love my big ol black c***. The giant head on that sucker makes their cheeks stick out like f****** chipmunks. Ha.

    Ima big dude and I wrap my hands around my b****** and make them do what I want. After getting a good sucking and having Mighty Joe Young harder than h***, throbbing for some ass I lift that boy on top and jam that sucker right in. Not a whole lot of boys can handle that.

    I lift that white ass up and down f****** the s*** out of my babies. I throw them on their backs and push their legs up to their ears and pound away. Mmmm. I love locking my lips on their pouty little mouths while I do that.

    When I'm ready for a finish I put em on their knees. I actually had some lovey boys I could lift off the mattress with my d***. I lube up my hand and work on they small little white c****. Drives the muthfuckas nuts, man.

    I dump that load way up inside that ass. I won't be f****** with no condom so you better deal. I got plenty of white boys calling me for some of that.

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