He is such an a******

My boyfriend is an a******! He cant get his d*** hard. Im sick of his exs and im sick of how ugly he makes me feel. He never tells me anything good about me. He is quick to say im fat and im not but he loves to make me feel bad about myself. He exs are big tall ugly fat women and they are major s****! Maybe I should do some of the bullshit they do and he might wNt me. Im so sick of this our s** life,it sucks, that is when we have it cause he acts like an old man. Ugh!!! Maybe I should have me another boyfriend just for s**. God knows s** with him sucks !!!

Feb 20, 2012

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  • I'll take that boyfriend. Give him to me. I'll give him the f*** of his life and make a renewed man out of him.

  • He knows u can do better that's why he keeps u down

  • ^what they said.

  • Go for another man,it is obvious he doesn't love u.

  • Yes, your sexual frustration with him is a manifestation of other problems. Mostly, he is mentally abusive, calling you fat and who knows what other s*** he's laying on you.

    Don't be concerned with his exes, it's not like he's dishing up some sexual yummy to them either. Whether they're fat skanks or not, he's your problem, not them.

    You need a heavy dose of self esteem. This guy is giving you the opposite. Yes, shed yourself of this guy and look for someone who can deliver both emotionally and sexually.

  • just dump the f***** and get a nicer dude don't b**** at us just dump his dumb ass

  • Love is not just about s**. Many more othe things matter. If u don't think there are indeed that many more other things exist between u two, u probably should give up.

  • And why are you still with him? what's the point? Leave...

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