I Might Be Going To H***

Because my pastor thinks I'm a great Christian he let me pass the collection plate at our big church. Little does he know I always take some of the money for myself. Sometimes I feel God wanted me to do that because He got me in a position to pass the collection plate and he hasn't punished me for sort of tipping myself for my work. At other times I feel maybe God will send me to H*** for robbing the church of some of its money. Maybe he gets real mad when you steal from one of his churches. I don't know.

I'm in too deep to tell anybody and I've only taken about $500 over the past two years. To tell the truth I like the excitement of taking the money and the thrill of not getting caught. And I believe if God didn't want me taking that money he would have stopped me by now. Maybe with some lightning bolts, or by telling the pastor in a dream or giving him a hunch about my stealing.

But that ain't happened and I'm just too damn good at stealing to ever get caught except by a miracle from God, which if it ain't happened in two years I don't see it happening ever.

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  • The church is a scam anyway.
    They just take money from suckers who believe in a lie.
    The money is better off with you

  • What you are doing is wrong. It is stealing from the church. But if you ask for forgiveness through God and Jesus, God will forgive even the worst of sins.

  • Here's the truth, unless you believe in Jesus Christ, humble yourself before him and confess him as Lord truthfully. You will not be saved and you will be condemned. God will not deal with you after your sins in this world but you will have h*** to pay if you don't believe in Christ Jesus. The road that you're walking now is death.

  • Well I'm a Christian and I know what your doing is wrong but don't think your going to H*** because your not. If you know what your doing is wrong and believe God has forgiven you then you are forgiven. Remember ever sin is equal to God. Being gay, lying, cheating, STEALING, are all the same amount of wrong. If it were true then NO ONE would go into Heaven. Godd loves you no matter what he'll do anything to save you. He even gave his only son for you.

    Now to clear your conscious, the best thing to do is come clean. But i know that can be hard so the next best thing is to replace to the money. If you still have the $500 then give it back or give little by little from your paycheck. I hope that helps. Remember your forgiven.

  • Sorry I mean if it WEREN'T true.

  • Yup. You're doomed. SATAN's coming after your thieving ass!

  • Well, I'm not at all religious, but theft is wrong. You ought to try to knock it off. If you can't stop, then what you ought to do is save up the money you're stealing and slip it back into the collection plate once in a while. That way you'll still get the thrill, but you'll remain honest.

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