I Want My Best Friend's C***

I'm a gay sophomore hiding in the closet (15), and I have this huge crush on my best friend, he's straight and a senior (17). Ever since I first meet him I wanted to get in his pants! I've had many dreams of him and me having endless s**, and in the morning my d*** and short-cuts are soaked! At night I think about him while I m*********, and sometimes I even swallow my own c** thinking it was his! One time I remember he wore one of those Marvel underwears to school, I remember I couldn't keep my eyes off his butt. I stare at his junk went no one even looking! So I need advice on how I can sleep with him, or even ways on how to flirt!

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  • Jesus, he is right! You really ARE totally hot!! And I really totally wish I could have you!!!!!

  • god ur sooooooooo hot! i wish u went to my school. u could have me anytime anywere anyhow u wanted me even in front of people. god!

  • Ooooh, honey, you are just too delicious and just too sweet. I think I'm falling in love. Mmmmmm. Yummy.

  • The first step is to let him know --- maybe ONLY him, as a confidence between just the two of you --- that you're gay: that will both alert him to your status and involve him in the secret. In addition, it'll get him thinking about your sexuality and the nature and level of your desire. Talk to him about what it means to be gay. You don't have to tell him that you want him right away, and in fact, it's probably a bad idea to tell him that at the same time. If he's really your best friend, he's entitled to know what you really are.

    Then, after he's absorbed that new piece of information, start talking to him about this anonymous guy at school who you're aching to hook up with, but you're afraid to talk to the guy about it directly. Again, you're letting him look behind the curtain (i.e., into the closet) and involving him in fulfilling your desire. You'll know when the time is right to let him know that he's "the guy at school", and that he makes you long and thick and hot and hard, and how bad you want to get inside his body and have him inside yours.

    Things will likely develop so that you inform him of your feelings for him gradually, but it's possible that you could have him stay over at your parents' house one night, and then in the morning, show him your drenched, pungent shorts and say, "THIS is what you do to me, and it shows just how bad I want you". I suspect you already know that when you tell him AND show him what your c*** does when you think about him or are close to him, he's going to get a major hard-on, too, and you'll probably tear one another apart. Repeatedly. Imagine that happening as you work through the process: think of the two of you, together, in bed at your parents' house or his parents' house, or in an empty room at school, or in the men's room at the mall. Imagine him deep-hammering you from behind, or buried in your throat, or spraying all over your face, and asking you why you waited so long to tell him what you wanted, and saying that you're going to have to make up for all the lost time that he COULD have been doing you while you were busy hiding in your precious little closet.

    What you should not do --- should NEVER do --- after you've made the sexual connection is to be the jealous b**** and demand that he see only you. Don't tell him he can't see girls: in fact, let him date girls as much as he wants, and support him in doing so. Let him be the secret bisexual stud that can handle any lover he choses. Do NOT try to corral him: just let him find his way. And be there to take him inside your body WHENEVER he wants to get inside your body. Be his lover, yes, but don't ever stop being his friend. Don't try to make him come to you, just try to make him WANT to come to you, and he will.

    You want that c***? Go GET that c***! And good luck!!!

  • I know that it's hard when you are that young and have a crush on someone. Do not act on this. You will get over this crush and find someone else who reciprocates your feelings. The only thing you can do is be friends. If you can't do that it might be best to keep your distance from him.

  • If a gay person comes onto a known straight person, then that is sexual harassment. If you even touch this guy, you could be arrested and be convicted as a sexual predator. You will have to carry that stigma around for the rest of your life, and you will have to register your living address and notify your neighbors of your sexual predator status. All because you decided to touch his pants (or even his arm). Be very careful around this guy. I know of this happening to one high school guy who touched a girl's leg in class...he is now a registered sexual predator.

  • gays are perverts. if he finds out youre gay he will probably call you a f***** and then beat the s*** out of you.

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