S** in the Woods

Me and this boy from my school kinda hooked up outside in the woods. We're both 16 years old. I'm a virgin but he's not. This was my first sexual experience. First, we kissed. Then we took our pants off. Then he tried putting his p**** in me but it wouldn't go in because it was too tight and because he couldn't get hard, so he fingered me instead. Then he tried to get hard by jerking off a few times. Then he started fingering me again. He fingered me about 4 or 5 times. It kinda hurt but felt good at the same time. He also sucked on my nipples and went down on me. He told me that I have a nice body and that I'm very beautiful and to not let anyone tell me that I'm not.

Feb 23, 2012

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  • I bet he lied to you. If he wasnt a virgin, he'd have not been too scared to get it up. I mean let's face it, a non-virgin under the age of 50 with someone attractive... it is gonna get up. Either he was scared because he is actually a virgin, or he was blowing smoke up your ass by saying you are attractive. I mean come on, when will people actually look for the truth instead of what they want to hear? You're young though, there's still hope for you. Good luck in life.

  • Gawd, you are shoveling it with both hands today scumbag. All of what you stated is either grossly incorrect, a lie or a blanket unsupported generalization.

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