I am adicted to p*** of all types.

That i am adicted to p***. and i hated it!

Feb 24, 2012

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  • I bet you're Mormon... you guys always have such a huge hangup about p***. Look, we all like p***. Half your ward likes to look at p***, they just don't admit it. Nothing wrong with it, it's fun to watch and makes it easier to j*** off. Relax, enjoy, and don't be so h****** yourself. Jesus loves you, OK?

  • You do not get "addicted" to p***. You get addicted to drugs. You get addicted to prescription medications. You might even get addicted to foods..... but p*** is NOT an addictive substance!

    Please quit listening to the "experts" because they are leading you down a path that THEY want you to be on.

    Looking at p*** is a COMPULSION. Look at it like this..... If it WERE an addiction you could replace it with some other addiction right? I mean Heroin addicts do to Methadone.... Cigarette smokers can move on to chewing gum or overeating.... What the f*** are you going to replace P*** with?

  • relax it is ok...but dont just become an addict..try games and stuff

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