Being Single Sucks

Even though I'm only 13, I want to have a girlfriend really bad. I've always thought of girls highly and never though they had cooties or some s*** like that when I was younger. The problem is, every girl I've ever had affection for has either been repulsed, had a boyfriend (this bothers me especially), or stuck me in the friend zone. I've tried talking to my friends about this but they just think I'm stupid cause I'm relatively young. Everywhere I go at parties, in my town, and even in school, I see more and more people hugging, kissing, playing with each other. It just makes me sadder and sadder to see everyone else happy and in love while I'm alone, to the point where I'm starting to feel depressed to some extent. I don't want s** or anything like that, I just want to be able to hold a girl in my embrace and tell her I love her. What should I do? (And any people with negative comments, save it cause I've already heard it).

Feb 25, 2012

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  • dude i know you want a girl i did to but think about it at that age most girls arent thinking about boyfriends and the ones that are looking for one are usually the ones trying to grow up to fast and the relationship will fail quickly give it time dont force a relationship. and if you find a good girl who wants to be friends spend time with her... you never know what might happen if you care for them and support them like a good friend they may want to go further

  • ^Good words. Besides only few teenage girls know what they really want. Some want older guys with cars n' whatnot. All you can really do is throw ur line in the water and hope for a bite. Until college that is :D

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