Neighbour l***

My house is higher than my neighbour's and the bedrooms face each other. My neighbour bedroom window curtains are very flimsy and half length.every day and night I see my neighbour 16yr old daughter change her clothes and she remains naked for a long time. At nights i would see her nude in front of her mirror playing with her p****, then she would lie on the bed and really m*********. I would take out my c*** and j*** off watching her. I decided that i must f*** her. One morning she left home and was walking down the street. I told my wife that i had to get something in town. I drove down the street and met my neighbour and offered her a lift. She accepted, during the ride we talked and i agreed to meet her after her errand and give her a lift back home. i thought this was my chance. I met her and offered to buy something to drink. We went to a cozy joint and the talk led to s**. Eventually she said she always wondered what s** with me would be like. I said i too with her. We then went to a hotel where we had real good s**. We still do it without anyone else knowing.



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  • More details would have been appreciated.

  • FAKE

  • reads like the fantasy of a male teen virgin

  • Dreamer.

  • congrats, i am so jealous

  • Lucky!!!

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