L***/love with a married man

I confess that I want a married man. I think he wants me too. We have shared some pretty intense eye contact over the past 6 months. He is married and tries to avoid any unnecessary contact with me. When we do have to interact, he makes constant eye contact with me. And sometimes when we aren't interacting, he has a hard time keeping his eyes off of me. I feel bad because he is married and has kids. But my heart wants him. He has the most beautiful eyes. I hurt because I can't get my mind off of him. I want him.



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  • Ignore the previous commentator: go for it. Women have much better radar about these things than men ever have or ever will. If you get the feeling that he wants you, let him know you're available, and just HOW available you really are. For HIM. Something like, "I don't normally like married guys, but lately I've been thinking a LOT about relationships in general, and about how single guys don't know how to take care of a real woman, and I've come to realize that I could totally date a married man, if he was really into me and wanted to be with me, FOR ME, and not just for a quick and hot and nasty piece of ass like 99.99% of single guys are shopping for." In addition, make it clear to him that you know how to be discreet, and not blab his business all over town. You're a woman: you know how to make a man know you want him without actually saying those words. A glance, a touch, a smile, a new (and very sexy) dress that you buy especially for him, a lick of your lips, a kiss hello on the cheek; things you already know. Let him know you want him. Let him know NOW.

  • You sound like an idiot and a s***. First off most people are taught that when speaking directly to someone eye contact shows respect. I know that's a lost communication tool to kids now since communication face to face is not the norm today. Secondly, if your already sexually attracted to him you could be reading more than what's there. Third he's married, again; morality isn't as key in personality traits of your generation. Please try and have some standards of a decent woman. God knows it's lacking with young girls today! Cross your legs, get some self respect and learn right from wrong!

  • I have a similar situation, but on the opposite end of it. She's married, and i'm not even though she may think I am. We share some intense eye contact, and I love the way she makes me feel. When we do interact, she usually gives me a hug or rubs on a shoulder and such, and I love it. Yet it's the issue of her being married which makes me back off from pursuing it, as I don't want to be one of those guys.

    In your situation he could be a guy like me in a sense. Unhappy in his relationship, basically just waiting for it to collapse, because he can't stand the thought of leaving his children. However if that's not the case, you should take some caution. Like the first comment says the guy would most likely be into a sexual fling, but if he's happy in his current marriage that's all it would be, so don't try to catch feelings for him.

  • If you only want him sexually he's probably up for that. If you want a long-term relationship you probably aren't going to get it. So, what do you want from him?

  • Is he a smoker that you have noticed? make eye contact with him, smile light up a ciggie. Give the most cheek hollowing drag followed by a double pump snap inhale. Then watch his c-o-c-k come to life and he's yours. That's from a woman's perspective. Then you will be in a good position to f-u-c-k him .

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