B**** don't lie...

So i'm in my college's cafeteria and i notice this pretty girl. I casually walk over to her and start up a conversation. I ask her what her name is and she tells me Jamiqua and that it means beautiful in "african".

B**** let's be clear..Africa doesnt have an "african" language because so many of the countries speak a different tongue. Two I know this because i'm half nigerian and was raised around Nigerians, Algerians, Kenyans, etc. Third I knew ur name was ghetto as f*** and was hoping u'd atleast be honest and tell me it didn't have a meaning LIKE ALL GHETTO NAMES.

On another note, u were a major turn off when u opened ur mouth to reveal black ass gums, a big ass gap, the capacity to only speak ebonics despite being in a college environment, and looking at me wierd when i walked off on u mid sentence in a hurry with u wondering why.

Educated black men despise ANY and ALL things ghetto...

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  • both of u people sound like you dont know either one's story maybe that black girl thought u wer a b**** and acted stupid on purpose, u dont know:°

  • I'll keep my nose where it is tyvm. To work as hard as i did to get where I am and to still have to deal with ignorance in college is infuriating.

  • Get used to dealing with ignorance from the whole world. You won't get out of it because you're an "educated man." And while you're getting educated ? Read up about anger management and humility.

  • were you raised by a woman?

  • Educated men don't call all women "b******." And you think you're above the ghetto, bro?

  • Attending and graduating in the top 10% of my class from a ghetto highschool full of deadbeats, babymammas, dropouts, drug dealers, wanna-be gangsters? Staying above the influence of drugs, leaving the alcohol alone, staying away from any walking statistic other than which is labeled "college-bound student"? In the National Guard while working part-time AND pursuing a dual major? Yes.

    I grew up in a rough neighborhood that's only getting rougher. Despite what the news depicts there is potential in the "hood". If ur not doing one or more of what i'm doing above don't compare, just stay out the way..

  • Sorry, still stand by what I said. Educated men don't regard women as inferior to them. Women are women, whether their educated or ignorant, or whatever their race is. They aren't "b****** and hoes" and you're not a "n*****" either. It doesn't matter if she's too "ghetto" for you. You know all about where she came from, you came from there too, so get your arrogant nose out of the air.

  • Hey i agree with ^. Call'em how u see them..A lot of black women who aren't in college or doing somethin else constructive with their lives are usually running the streets smokin weed,f******, and waitin for their welfare check and/or child support..Be realistic "bro" some of these females out here really are just b****** and hoes :/

  • I'm in South Africa, we alone have 11 official languages. Most of the other 53 countries would also have their own "indigenous" langauges.

    But this is pretty much typically American to be quite ignorant about everything not American. Or that's the general feeling one gets, there's of course the exceptions.

  • What the f*** are you talking about ? Are you trying to say "ebonics" is an "indigenous" American dialect ? Uh, NO it isn't ! It's just ignorant, ghetto perversion of standard English. That's all. Don't try to justify it with your bullshit.

  • i'm with you. when black people are educated, no one is impressed with ebonics and ghetto speak. it simply sounds silly. i mean why attend college just to sound ignorant.

  • I love this post. I hate it when some black people gotta "act" black. What bullshit. We're all just people.

  • You don't sound very educated to me.

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