I'm a 15-year old stripper

I'm a stripper. and i'm 15. really. My father has died and my mom was once a stripper and it's in the family. i'm an only child. i mean i won like millions of contests and it feels nice when people complement you about ur body and stuff and everyone at school likes me including every guy. But it's bad to be a stripper. I mean ur like a doll that everyone has s** with and they touch you all over and lick you. I remeber one night when this guy didn't go to sleep he just make out with me all night long. He was only 17-goes to my school but he posted pics of me everywhere! and i feel used. i feel like i should run away from home. I made about 12,000,000. i feel like i should run. what should i do?

Feb 27, 2012

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  • Kill yourselkf

  • baby, if you feel used, quit being a stripper. dont run away. or at least make more cash first

  • i believe her

  • I agree with the first poster. Stop posting bullshit. If you're a 15 year old stripper and make that much money, I'm the f****** tooth fairy.

  • Well.....how's about you stop posting fake s***, for one. Why don't ya start with that, douchebag?

  • Kiss my heart-shaped ass, Dickwad!

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