S** change

I want so badly to have a s** change. I don't want to have to suffer in a disgusting body of a woman. Now, I'm built well, slender, and have often times been called sexy, but I hate being a woman. I hope someday I can feel my chest, and not feel b******, but the chest of a man. Lady parts freak me out too. It's not easy being afraid of your own genitals. I just can't stand this body.

Mar 2, 2012

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  • And this is what comes of "child-directed parenting": people who are Offended And Traumatized by their genit@ls.

    You think you're so much more woke than, say, a homophobe. You are mistaken. You are just as obsessed with crotch-goodies, but you want applause for claiming to be repulsed by the ones you've got. That's YOUR "look at me" hook. Theirs is something along the lines of "God Hates F@gs."

    You both need to just shut up and get over yourselves. Find another First World Problem to "ruin your life" over.

  • look at a pic of Chas Bono,if u want to look like a lard ass lumberjack go for it

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