My GF is a b****

I logged into my gf's email and checked her past mails and came to know she is a w**** ..I have f****** spent so much money on her.. I hate this b**** so much..

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  • The internet sadly is a place where anyone can cheat..

  • Dude, how DARE you lump ALL women ignorant p****. Grow up, then maybe that won't be the only caliber of women that you can get!

  • When you get the feeling that you need to snoop, that is a gut instinct that something is wrong. That's how I found out my ex was cheating on me. Don't be stupid like I was and take her back.

  • They're all the same, bro, every single one of them. To quote a friend of mine, "Life's a b****, then you marry one, then you die." If you've already left her, good riddance. If you haven't left her, then convince her that you want to make a s** tape of her giving you a b******* or taking it up the ass, then post that bad boy on one of those gf-cam sites on the Internet, then break up with her, and tell everybody you know where to go looking "for that nasty w**** I used to date". She's a w**** and everybody needs to know it.

  • Damn thats a bunch of bullshit advise, you must be a fucken angry teenage boy posting garbage like that, you need to grow your imature ass up dude!!!

  • I agree with the comment above that I assume was meant for you. You ARE and ignornant d********* that probably is attracted to those types of women because that's all you can get. God, you make me sick.

  • That's disgusting. You are a typical male dog! Kiss my t***, A******!

  • Sometimes when you snoop you find out things you don't want to know. But more importantly, why are you still with her?

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