My girlfriend doesn't want to try a*** but I think it's kinda hot. So when she's sleeping I'll rub her p**** until she's wet and then use that to lube up my finger and slide it right up her tight ass. I have only done 1 finger so far, but I'm going to gradually stretch her until I can fit my c*** in there. Either she'll try it willingly, or I'm going to slide it in when she's sleeping and have my way. It's ok though, because I'm not f****** related to her.

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  • Ass f*** her she will beg for more

  • You're an a****** predator if you go through with this. There are a lot of women who love a*** and if it's that important to you you need to find one, not rape your girlfriend in the ass. What the h*** is wrong with you? What makes you think you are entitled to use another person's body without their consent? YOU'RE NOT. Get over yourself and do your gf a favor, break up with her so you can find someone who will tolerate your ego and she can find someone who will treat her like more than just a piece of meat.

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