I am the sad case who keeps posting disturbed madeup confessions of incest

I am the sad case who keeps posting disturbed madeup confessions of incest from my iphone. I feel the need to write these stories every day because im so adicted to it, and im f***** in the head. I have no friends, no family who like me, let alone all these girls and daughters and sister who are a figment of my imagination, but i m********* daily to these thoughts, and post these fantasies here in the hope ican hook up with another middle aged loner like myself.

The only part of the stories that are true is the fact that im a pedophile. Other than that, ihave an extremely small p**** and it is only a matter of time before i kill myself. I have tried drinking, medication and chronic masturbating but i am still just so g******* depressed on the inside, i walk through the mall and people look at me like a freaak.

Please, i hope the police track me down from these stories and put me out of my misery, because i am going nowhere with these retarted stories. I mean, who would actually believe that a teenage daughter would walk around naked trying to seduce her father?
Only a f****** r***** like me would.
Anyway im going too find a sharp razor blade and end my sadness, so there wont be any fake s** stories anymore.

CEO of CBA. commonwealth bank of australia.

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  • Incest is wincest amirite?

  • Do you like young daughters forced incest ? the younger the better no ages off limits.

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