We're both so h****

My partner and I always share our fantasies during s**. Over time this has led to us being very open. We are both bi-curious. However, lately, we have been getting Yvery excited talking about a guy he knows through work.

This guy used to be married but after his wife died realized he was gay, and now has a male partner. My partner has kept in touch with him and he is not shy talking about s**. So much so that he has asked my partner if he has ever been with a guy.

It has got to a point where my partner has told him he is curious but also that he would like to watch him and his partner play with me. My partner and I have talked about it and it gets him so excited. He says he'd love to watch them both with me then join in and all of us play. I like the sound of it too but I wonder how he would feel about it after.

Would it turn him off? What if I enjoy it? What if I don't like it? What if he really likes it?

He says he really wants to and would love to see them both making me h****, and it turns us on talking about it, but should we go there?

Mar 5, 2012

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  • Oh yes you should go there. That's so hot, having the chance to get done by two or three guys at the same time. They should be extra attentive to your needs and maybe even competitive to see who can bring you the most pleasure.

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