Finally Got Even With That P****!

My husband left me for a younger bimbo. I couldn't believe that p**** would do that to me. I'm not a person who has to get even, but I fixed my ex-husband's wagon.

When he and his bimbo w**** left for a vacation in the Bahamas yesterday, I drove to his house with a sledge hammer and some razor baldesr. I broke into his house and smashed the s*** out of everything smashable in there, lol. Then I found the bimbo's closet and slashed the s*** out of all the clothes she had in her closet with the razor blades. I opened her dresser drawer and slashed the s*** out of the clothes she had in there. I did the same with my ex-husbnds expensive, tailored suits, lol. He'll have the biggest hissy fit in the world over that, lol, lol, lol.

After that, hee, hee, I plugged up the bathtub and left the water running in it, lol.

I can't wait till that p**** and his bimbo get home, lol, lol, lol. Serves him right and it felt sooo damn good!

Mar 7, 2012

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  • I think you may a broken a few Laws along the way. If you get caught your Husband and his Bimbo may have the last laugh when your ass is in Jail.

  • This is beautiful.

  • 100 million men leave their women for someone younger and hotter, usually after years of their women not having s** with them anymore, not doing the sexy things she used to do to land him, or letting themselves turn into fat slobs, but the women still look surprised when they get left. Women think marriage is like slavery, where they own him and don't have to do one more damn thing to make him happy while he spends his life serving you.

    Hey, maybe you were the perfect wife and he left you anyway, but that's not usually the case. For your own good, try to make a life for yourself instead of ruining his.

  • You are one psycho b**** who has bigger b**** than most guys.

  • I honestly hope you get seud for every cent you have, and more. That you'll have to work for years to come to pay up damages. I hope your dad goes to jail, gets to be everyone's b**** (as I believe s*** all of your dad story anyway, lol, yeah he's Al Capone I believe you) and that he and his new girlfriend whom you're super obviously ultra jealous of (she's better looking than you, isn't she? Not to mention more intelligent ... oh and not a total psycho b**** ;) So he's better off now. I'm happy for him. And I hope you get injured for life in an accident today. I'm going to pray for that actually :)

  • Even if this bullshit were real..... He is still way better off without a psycho b****.

  • Anyone wanna bet its because of her pyscho tendancies is why buddy left this crazy b**** to begin with? If you're willing to go to such lenghts to get "even" then who in their right mind would wanna stay with you?
    Get a life nutjob!

  • Why is psychoanalysis a lot quicker for men than for women?

    When it's time to go back to his childhood, he's already there.

  • What do you call a man with half a brain?


  • Yay! This was a big step for empowering women. Any woman who sticks it to a man is a friend of mine. These d****** men deserve treatment like this after the way they have screwed us over historically and in romantic relationships. Right on Sister! You did women proud everywhere!

  • you are my hero. I wish I had had your guts when my husband left me for a bimbo. I would have loved to have had a take no prisoners father like yours to have had my back. It must have been heavenly when he gave the p**** ex husband the ass kicking he more than deserved.

  • Awesome! And it's so cool your dad gave that p**** the beating he deserved. Bravo!

  • You are not about getting even or revenge? Okay..then you're a hypocrite. I don't agree with cheating. It's not right and it's painful. And that truly sucks that it did happen. But maybe you're better off without this guy? Your marriage was most likely not that great if he was shopping for something younger and actually left you.

    But it sounds like they've been together now for a while, and not only are you still angry, you sound crazy. Everything you think you destroyed..he can go and buy again. If you want to make a point about appearances, she may be the young bimbo but you are doing a good job of confirming that you are the crazy ex wife.

    And then bringing in your father to fight your battles? Really?! How old are you? Your dad is going to beat someone up because you didn't get your way? or your feelings were hurt? Grow up and deal with your issues maturely and appropriately. You're never going to get over him at the rate your going. If you were, you wouldn't be hellbent on getting even.

  • You just f****** GO, girl! I love what you did!! I wish I'd had the nerve to do that to my ex and his new wife. To borrow a phrase from Glen Close, "I WILL NOT BE IGNORED!" Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

  • Enjoy your incarceration...

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