Desire to be f*****

I'm 16. A brunette with green eyes and lush lips. I have not had s** yet and I know that's lame for a girl my age. I met this guy freshman year, he was older than me and I didn't think much of him then. Now I virtually text him things I wanna do to him in bed. His seven inch d*** has my head spinning. I want him to f*** my brains out so badly.
He tells me he want to suck on my nipples and pump into me till I scream his name.
He makes me so h**** that I could die.

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  • Troll. How does she know how big his p**** is?

  • Green eyes, lush lips.. You are not a teen you are an angel... But sadly, angels dont have s**.. So you are not if you have, but you are if u havent..

  • Now THAT'S what I call a confession !!!

  • Or you could let me show u how its really done!

  • well sounds like you good to go, so start f****** this guy

  • lol 16 is pertty normal to still be a virgin. My little sister was 21 when she lost hers.

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