Pregnant and h****

Im 6 months pregant and really have been wanting to have s** with my boyfriend, but recently the s** has gone really down hill. Mostly he just wants to do me doggie but I cant o****** that way. Ive been using a vibrator to give myself o******* but its just not the same. Reluctantly he let me ride him last night and at first to feel him go in me was real nice but quickly realized my tummy was in the way and could not enjoy myself. He was able to o****** but i wasnt. I feel bad not only for myself but for him as well.

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  • i kn0w what u feel ,when i was preggy with my twins i was s0 h0rny that time i cant c0ntain myself and every 0ther day i ambush him bj's each time he g0t h0me fr0m w0rk . . . ;D

  • Pregnant s** can be great. You change some of what you do and find different positions. Your husband needs to step up because those hormones can be flying and he's missing out on some hot, h**** wife action.

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