I feel like sucking a c***

I am very straight, married and with kids.

Whenever I look at my erect p****, I wonder how it might feel to suck a p****, though I can't entirely imagine myself having gay s**.

Ofcourse I have tasted a c*** in my mouth when i was young, or have I, I don't exactly remember.

Funny Tho.. I feel like sucking c***, after being such a grown man...

Anybody sharing similar feelings, I am trying to get it out of my system...

Mar 8, 2012

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  • I have never sucked a man's k*** could I can't find any man that wants me to suck his d*** as I might enjoy it swallows come true and if hes willing to f**** me i* t** a** I might be willing for that true

  • You can suck mine if you wish

  • Great wher are you

  • Mmm me too I can't stop meeting dirty old men online and sucking them off

  • If c*** is thick and has a big head man it is the best to suck, and get his mans cream.

  • I love sucking c*** been sucking c*** since i was 6 it was the guy next door he was 40

  • You should suck the BBC cause I promise you'll love it

  • Would love to

  • I want some I would like to try it

  • Send me a pic of your c*** and will exchange mine at ahava2all@gmail.com.

  • I love BBC started suckling it and can't get enough there c** is so much thicker and sweater tasting the white men...there big black D**** drive me crazy????? Ron P

  • Im 32 been married 8 years and have kids, been sucking c*** and playing, since I was 8 and my brother who is 2 years older than me first started messing with me and exploring. Eventually as we got older and went thru puberty, the sexual things became hotter and hotter. From su[king eachother to fu[king eachother, we both love to eat each others seed, to this day we still play, he has kids and a gf, but loves swallowing me pounding me and filling my hole or tummy with his hot brother nectar...we even share c*** pics and cumsh0t videos with eachother, I have also suck€d alot of other men...I like men to add their sweet frosting to many of my foods too

  • My name is Ron and I suck d*** behind my wife's Lisa back for a while now she's not really into s** or and never has been very good at it she's a sexy bbw but everything has to be just right to have s** and that gets old real fast.that's wear the local abs comes in handy there are 2 wear I'm from so I can usually find d***..love sucking d*** in her panties and love the fact that at abs every men is there to suck d*** or get it sucked now enjoy other guys watching me sick d*** the fact that someone I know could see me and tell her turns me on!!!I I act straight but can't stop thinking of d*** I tell her I'm going to the gym to get away for a couple hours on a Saturday morning man the amount of marriage men like me there are increasing more and more every week don't understand how a wife can stop having s** and think her husband will be a good dog and wait till she throws you a bone love the taste or c** and just sucked off my first cross dresser today we kissed sucked and he was dressed so hot love to hear from Horry guys like my self...

  • Married white male in South Jersey love sucking d*** at abs!! Wife not into s** any more love wearing her dirty panties as I duck d*** turns me on when guys sniff her panties as I suck there duck and take that wonderful load of c**?????

  • Where in SK

  • Where in SJ

  • Berlin NJ they have 2 book store's on rt.73...Redbarnot is the best...morning clerk on Saturday morning sucks d*** look for bald guy wearing glasses he sucks a great d*** and rims you....he also suck big black d*** shares black d*** with white men

  • I too am a mwm and so l****** to suck another mans co_k and b**** and swallow a huge load of c**. I am also interested in getting my virgin butt fuc_ed bb. I am in tonawanda, ny

  • I am a mwm and I wanna be a submissive sissy c********** f*****... closeted discretion a must,,, I LOVE C*** and C** and riding c***. Seanette buffalo, ny

  • Ps jamest 48 @ msn . com Seanette

  • Must send me an email to ahave2all@gmail.com; love to show you my c*** and see yours may be talk. I am straight but want a sissy boy like you...

  • Ahava2all@gmail.com

  • My name is steve perry a I’ve been sucking c*** behind my girlfriends back for over 30 years ever since some dirty old man caught me looking at his big c*** in some filthy public toilets.  He asked me if I wanted to suck it. I said no Im not gay.  No but your a c********* I can tell.  Then he pushed me onto my knees and forced me to suck his big smelly old c***  god it turned me on to be used like some s*** I’ve been addicted to sucking c*** ever since.  I have sucked at least 500 men off and now I want to be on my knees everyday sucking dirty old c****.

  • Nice text me

  • Lucky Guy I wish I could find someone to feed me c***... I want it soo badly.

  • I love to feed my c*** to h**** men who want it !!! Ormond Beach FL.

  • I'm straight and thought about sucking c**** for probably 30 years. I watched gay p*** and masturbated to it. So, one day I was so h****, I just had to do it. So, off to the peep show, and just sucked the first d*** available. It was great! I'm still attracted to women, but the first thing that comes to mind about s** is sucking d****. The only s** I have is with men since women ignore me, but that's okay because I now love to suck c****. And I swallow, but who wouldn't? Anyway, I'm glad to be a c*********!

  • I like sucking other mens c*** after being in my wife

  • I'm married and have been a c********* for almost 15 years now. Started when the wife lost interest. Now sucking c*** is my first choice for s** instead of her.
    I love a big d*** blowing its load in my mouth. I especially love BBC and wish I had a regular to service every week.

  • I'm married my nAmerican is Ron I been sucking d*** behind my wife Lisa for years she not into s** or is she good at it lately I been sucking BBC at the abs and takeing every drop of there wonderful c** I think if I could suck BBC all the time I get divorced and be a c** dump white p**** boy bottom

  • Same hear love the taste of BBC wife's p**** is OK but love sucking duck at abs having men watch me turns me on

  • Dam where are u hit me up

  • In NC.

  • My first c*** was a black one suck it dry

  • Suck black c*** every chance I can...wife not into s** love d*** more then her p**** now

  • Am a c*** craver I love how they get hard in my mouth I take on 20 men if I could

  • Sounds hot. Now that transsexual girls are becoming more common, you don't even need to look at a p**** anymore to be with a beautiful woman. Vaginas are obsolete. Now you can have your c*** and suck it too!

  • Sucked my first cross dresser today he looked so hot we kissed like a women sucked his d*** ..was happy to see it was big and thick..will be sucking off more cross dresses

  • .would love to see a hot cross dresser I'm a straight man but love long c**** and my throat I could deepthroat 4 hours crave comeScott be longlove what slides past my tonsils longer the better

  • I know how it goes I am a married man with kids and started going to adult bookstores at 19 I got my first sucking from a man and loved it it was great like nothing before I went for years three to four times a week getting sucked by men I did not suck at the time but started to suck around the age of thirty and love it something about taking a man c------ in your mouth and making him moan and c------- in your mouth is hot and addicting I tried to stop in the past but now I don't want to I will keep on sucking I love it and love sucking married men getting on my knees or between there legs making love to there c------- swallowing I am in cleveland ohio were they have closed the adult stores I do miss those places I have a great time going there I love p**** but I will keep on sucking c------- it erotic and gets me hot I am told I am great at a it.

  • I sucked my first c*** at age twelve. If was a friend on a sleepover who convinced me to take his c*** in my mouth. It wasn't long until I was addicted not only to his c*** but to another friend. From then on if you did a sleepover with me you would get sucked.

  • I'm 52 and married for 30 years started sucking c*** 10 years ago. Had been wanting to suck for some time,till one night drinking with a married friend. We started talking about s** and I ended up sucking his c***. It was so hot that we kept on for several years. All I can say is life is to short not to do the things you want to try, and have regrets.

  • I'm the same names Ron been ducking duck behind my wife's back for years. She not much into s** so I go to the abs as often as I can love ducking d*** and kissing

  • Go for it. There's nothing wrong with being with another man.

  • Every man wants to suck a c*** at least once. I did and I liked it. I have done it a few times, I don't think it makes you gay, I still love to f*** women. The first time I sucked c*** I was very young and he was to. I sucked him and he sucked me. We did this for awhile and then one day he asked me to get on my knees and bend over and before I new it he put his c*** up my ass and f***** me until he came inside me. I would like to try that again but it would have to be with the right guy and maybe my wife would watch.
    She has told me she would like to see me suck a guys c***
    while she plays with herself. That would be fun. She could use a strap on and f*** my ass while I suck a c*** but I would want the guy to f*** me and c** in my ass.

  • I would like u to suck this

  • I also Luv c*** & j*** off while watching gay p***. I Luv swallowing c*** & c** also George

  • 51 here married and I struggled with those feelings for years. I finally acted on it and love sucking c*** and thing is I dont care if they reciprcate or not. I love to kiss,cuddle and suck and if they want they can take me anally. Safe s** of course but I love it only thing I hate is having to hide it.

  • I love kissing and holding hands as I suckered did.I'm married love my wife,but sometimes I love d***...stopped trying to fight the feelings wife does not no still have s** with her but love d***

  • Im married and I love sucking c*** and I love the feel of a mans c*** in my ass. I too just hate to have to hide it.

  • You dont need to hide it just get better friends who understand - i did & havent looked back
    Of course im sucking more c*** than ever & loving getting
    my ass rammed every week by new mates met on sites like this

  • Can i suck your c***

  • You can suck mine anytime!!

  • im married but i just cant get the thouight of sucking another mans c*** out of my head. Told i am his sissy f***** and he owns me from now on. That i need his c*** in my mouth and eventually in my ass ..

  • im a widower and I sucked c*** when she with
    me and I still do im 74 and I love a c*** in my mouth and c**

    m b

  • So do i

  • Me too started sucking at the age of40 and never looked back i wish we could suck each other right now

  • I wish i could suck your c*** right now i would swallow all you have

  • Suck my c***

  • if you want it, you should go out and find it. but don't kid yourself, honey: you aren't ever gonna get it out of your system. you're always gonna want the meat. always.

  • You can't help what you feel, but cheating is wrong. If you want to explore this part of yourself, you need to leave your wife FIRST. It isn't fair to expose her to whatever you expose yourself to when you go outside your marriage. Condoms aren't 100% and don't help with things like herpes anyway. She doesn't deserve to catch something like that because you were living a lie with her. She deserves honesty and respect. I don't know why I have to spell it out, it should be obvious. If you can't keep the commitment you already made to her, at least commit to protecting her body from the potential consequences of sleeping around, and tell her so she can decide what she wants to do.

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