I feel like sucking a c***

I am very straight, married and with kids.

Whenever I look at my erect p****, I wonder how it might feel to suck a p****, though I can't entirely imagine myself having gay s**.

Ofcourse I have tasted a c*** in my mouth when i was young, or have I, I don't exactly remember.

Funny Tho.. I feel like sucking c***, after being such a grown man...

Anybody sharing similar feelings, I am trying to get it out of my system...

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  • Mmm me too I can't stop meeting dirty old men online and sucking them off

  • If c*** is thick and has a big head man it is the best to suck, and get his mans cream.

  • I love sucking c*** been sucking c*** since i was 6 it was the guy next door he was 40

  • You should suck the BBC cause I promise you'll love it

  • Would love to

  • I want some I would like to try it

  • Send me a pic of your c*** and will exchange mine at ahava2all@gmail.com.

  • I love BBC started suckling it and can't get enough there c** is so much thicker and sweater tasting the white men...there big black D**** drive me crazy????? Ron P

  • Im 32 been married 8 years and have kids, been sucking c*** and playing, since I was 8 and my brother who is 2 years older than me first started messing with me and exploring. Eventually as we got older and went thru puberty, the sexual things became hotter and hotter. From su[king eachother to fu[king eachother, we both love to eat each others seed, to this day we still play, he has kids and a gf, but loves swallowing me pounding me and filling my hole or tummy with his hot brother nectar...we even share c*** pics and cumsh0t videos with eachother, I have also suck€d alot of other men...I like men to add their sweet frosting to many of my foods too

  • My name is Ron and I suck d*** behind my wife's Lisa back for a while now she's not really into s** or and never has been very good at it she's a sexy bbw but everything has to be just right to have s** and that gets old real fast.that's wear the local abs comes in handy there are 2 wear I'm from so I can usually find d***..love sucking d*** in her panties and love the fact that at abs every men is there to suck d*** or get it sucked now enjoy other guys watching me sick d*** the fact that someone I know could see me and tell her turns me on!!!I I act straight but can't stop thinking of d*** I tell her I'm going to the gym to get away for a couple hours on a Saturday morning man the amount of marriage men like me there are increasing more and more every week don't understand how a wife can stop having s** and think her husband will be a good dog and wait till she throws you a bone love the taste or c** and just sucked off my first cross dresser today we kissed sucked and he was dressed so hot love to hear from Horry guys like my self...

  • Married white male in South Jersey love sucking d*** at abs!! Wife not into s** any more love wearing her dirty panties as I duck d*** turns me on when guys sniff her panties as I suck there duck and take that wonderful load of c**?????

  • Where in SK

  • Where in SJ

  • Berlin NJ they have 2 book store's on rt.73...Redbarnot is the best...morning clerk on Saturday morning sucks d*** look for bald guy wearing glasses he sucks a great d*** and rims you....he also suck big black d*** shares black d*** with white men

  • I too am a mwm and so l****** to suck another mans co_k and b**** and swallow a huge load of c**. I am also interested in getting my virgin butt fuc_ed bb. I am in tonawanda, ny

  • I am a mwm and I wanna be a submissive sissy c********** f*****... closeted discretion a must,,, I LOVE C*** and C** and riding c***. Seanette buffalo, ny

  • Ps jamest 48 @ msn . com Seanette

  • Must send me an email to ahave2all@gmail.com; love to show you my c*** and see yours may be talk. I am straight but want a sissy boy like you...

  • Ahava2all@gmail.com

  • My name is steve perry a I’ve been sucking c*** behind my girlfriends back for over 30 years ever since some dirty old man caught me looking at his big c*** in some filthy public toilets.  He asked me if I wanted to suck it. I said no Im not gay.  No but your a c********* I can tell.  Then he pushed me onto my knees and forced me to suck his big smelly old c***  god it turned me on to be used like some s*** I’ve been addicted to sucking c*** ever since.  I have sucked at least 500 men off and now I want to be on my knees everyday sucking dirty old c****.

  • Nice text me

  • Lucky Guy I wish I could find someone to feed me c***... I want it soo badly.

  • I love to feed my c*** to h**** men who want it !!! Ormond Beach FL.

  • I'm straight and thought about sucking c**** for probably 30 years. I watched gay p*** and masturbated to it. So, one day I was so h****, I just had to do it. So, off to the peep show, and just sucked the first d*** available. It was great! I'm still attracted to women, but the first thing that comes to mind about s** is sucking d****. The only s** I have is with men since women ignore me, but that's okay because I now love to suck c****. And I swallow, but who wouldn't? Anyway, I'm glad to be a c*********!

  • I like sucking other mens c*** after being in my wife

  • I'm married and have been a c********* for almost 15 years now. Started when the wife lost interest. Now sucking c*** is my first choice for s** instead of her.
    I love a big d*** blowing its load in my mouth. I especially love BBC and wish I had a regular to service every week.

  • I'm married my nAmerican is Ron I been sucking d*** behind my wife Lisa for years she not into s** or is she good at it lately I been sucking BBC at the abs and takeing every drop of there wonderful c** I think if I could suck BBC all the time I get divorced and be a c** dump white p**** boy bottom

  • Same hear love the taste of BBC wife's p**** is OK but love sucking duck at abs having men watch me turns me on

  • Dam where are u hit me up

  • In NC.

  • My first c*** was a black one suck it dry

  • Suck black c*** every chance I can...wife not into s** love d*** more then her p**** now

  • Am a c*** craver I love how they get hard in my mouth I take on 20 men if I could

  • Sounds hot. Now that transsexual girls are becoming more common, you don't even need to look at a p**** anymore to be with a beautiful woman. Vaginas are obsolete. Now you can have your c*** and suck it too!

  • Sucked my first cross dresser today he looked so hot we kissed like a women sucked his d*** ..was happy to see it was big and thick..will be sucking off more cross dresses

  • .would love to see a hot cross dresser I'm a straight man but love long c**** and my throat I could deepthroat 4 hours crave comeScott be longlove what slides past my tonsils longer the better

  • I know how it goes I am a married man with kids and started going to adult bookstores at 19 I got my first sucking from a man and loved it it was great like nothing before I went for years three to four times a week getting sucked by men I did not suck at the time but started to suck around the age of thirty and love it something about taking a man c------ in your mouth and making him moan and c------- in your mouth is hot and addicting I tried to stop in the past but now I don't want to I will keep on sucking I love it and love sucking married men getting on my knees or between there legs making love to there c------- swallowing I am in cleveland ohio were they have closed the adult stores I do miss those places I have a great time going there I love p**** but I will keep on sucking c------- it erotic and gets me hot I am told I am great at a it.

  • I sucked my first c*** at age twelve. If was a friend on a sleepover who convinced me to take his c*** in my mouth. It wasn't long until I was addicted not only to his c*** but to another friend. From then on if you did a sleepover with me you would get sucked.

  • I'm 52 and married for 30 years started sucking c*** 10 years ago. Had been wanting to suck for some time,till one night drinking with a married friend. We started talking about s** and I ended up sucking his c***. It was so hot that we kept on for several years. All I can say is life is to short not to do the things you want to try, and have regrets.

  • I'm the same names Ron been ducking duck behind my wife's back for years. She not much into s** so I go to the abs as often as I can love ducking d*** and kissing

  • Go for it. There's nothing wrong with being with another man.

  • Every man wants to suck a c*** at least once. I did and I liked it. I have done it a few times, I don't think it makes you gay, I still love to f*** women. The first time I sucked c*** I was very young and he was to. I sucked him and he sucked me. We did this for awhile and then one day he asked me to get on my knees and bend over and before I new it he put his c*** up my ass and f***** me until he came inside me. I would like to try that again but it would have to be with the right guy and maybe my wife would watch.
    She has told me she would like to see me suck a guys c***
    while she plays with herself. That would be fun. She could use a strap on and f*** my ass while I suck a c*** but I would want the guy to f*** me and c** in my ass.

  • I would like u to suck this

  • I also Luv c*** & j*** off while watching gay p***. I Luv swallowing c*** & c** also George

  • 51 here married and I struggled with those feelings for years. I finally acted on it and love sucking c*** and thing is I dont care if they reciprcate or not. I love to kiss,cuddle and suck and if they want they can take me anally. Safe s** of course but I love it only thing I hate is having to hide it.

  • I love kissing and holding hands as I suckered did.I'm married love my wife,but sometimes I love d***...stopped trying to fight the feelings wife does not no still have s** with her but love d***

  • Im married and I love sucking c*** and I love the feel of a mans c*** in my ass. I too just hate to have to hide it.

  • You dont need to hide it just get better friends who understand - i did & havent looked back
    Of course im sucking more c*** than ever & loving getting
    my ass rammed every week by new mates met on sites like this

  • Can i suck your c***

  • You can suck mine anytime!!

  • im married but i just cant get the thouight of sucking another mans c*** out of my head. Told i am his sissy f***** and he owns me from now on. That i need his c*** in my mouth and eventually in my ass ..

  • im a widower and I sucked c*** when she with
    me and I still do im 74 and I love a c*** in my mouth and c**

    m b

  • So do i

  • Me too started sucking at the age of40 and never looked back i wish we could suck each other right now

  • I wish i could suck your c*** right now i would swallow all you have

  • Suck my c***

  • if you want it, you should go out and find it. but don't kid yourself, honey: you aren't ever gonna get it out of your system. you're always gonna want the meat. always.

  • You can't help what you feel, but cheating is wrong. If you want to explore this part of yourself, you need to leave your wife FIRST. It isn't fair to expose her to whatever you expose yourself to when you go outside your marriage. Condoms aren't 100% and don't help with things like herpes anyway. She doesn't deserve to catch something like that because you were living a lie with her. She deserves honesty and respect. I don't know why I have to spell it out, it should be obvious. If you can't keep the commitment you already made to her, at least commit to protecting her body from the potential consequences of sleeping around, and tell her so she can decide what she wants to do.

  • I love how all the men who responded to my message about how many married men I've had. Oh yes, they worship my c***. I have something for them they can't get at home.

    I am a strong c*****. When one of my boys gets me worked up I shoot streams of c** down their throat. They always swallow. They are greedy for my hot seed. I love seeing it dribble out the side of their mouth when I have a super big load.

    I can almost always tell when a married man is looking for some of this. I see it in their eyes. It makes me h**** as h***. I give my c*** a little rub in front of them and show them the outline of its size. Sometimes I tease them by rubbing the big head around their lips and face. Oh that drives them crazy. They're grabbing for it with their mouths.

    I like to lube up their ass with my finger. I tease them there too. They buck their hips as I slide just the head in. I like them from behind, I like them on their backs with their legs up high, I like them riding me while I lift them up and down.

    Married men are the best. They are such h**** f******. You want my hot stuff in you and all over you. Mmmm, you dirty little b******.

  • I'm that married men you love to f***...I'm the one sucking d*** behind my wife Lisa back and loving it!! Love to give my married man p**** up to a real man like you who knows how to turn a married men into a c** hungry f**.I get so hard when Imy f***** by a man who knows I'm married and I'd going to f*** me harder then a man f**** a women

  • Oh, baby! OH, BABY! Mother of God, how I love the things you wrote about us married men who you use for your pleasure. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I really DO want you shooting your hot stuff in my married mouth and up my married ass and all over my married face and body. I want to kneel in front of you and let you give me such a load that it leaks out of my mouth because I can't possibly swallow it all . . . there's just sooooooo much. And I want to lie on my back with my knees in the air, while you piledrive my a****** and use my body to get yourself off over and over and over. God, yes, USE ME! And give me those huge loads of yours. Make me your dirty little married b****, and PLEASE keep telling me how much more I need you than I need my wife, and how much better you are for me, and how much I need your powerful f****** and abuse. You are such a F****** MAN!!!!! And I wish you were MY man, and I was your b****.

  • First thing, I don't care about your wife. She's your issue to deal with. I won't go there. All I want is your lips wrapped around my c***. I want you to take as much of it in your mouth as you can. You better suck it good. You better lick my b****.

    My loads are legendary. Hot streams you'll need to gulp with passion. I will fill your mouth until it overflows. Yes I will f*** you hard. A lot of married men take some time to work to that point. I have some patience. I will let your ass adjust to the feel of my c*** inside. But it's leading to a pounding from many different angles.

    My sissy married twinks are most beautiful when there is hot c** leaking from their ass. Married men love to please me. It seems to be the biggest turnon of their lives.

  • Give it to me

  • I've finally gotten the wife out of the house and can write a little more about this MAN (not the original poster, but this particular respondent), who I hope will be checking back in at this post to see what appears below. He is an amazingly gifted and sensitive lover who understands the incredibly powerful need that some of us have as married men to please a gay man. Once we "get the d***", there's no going back and there's no getting enough of it, and this MAN knows it. Yes, he f****** KNOWS it, and he uses our involuntary need against us in order to gain pleasure for himself. And we love him for that, because that's what WE need.

    I, for one, would love to know how many married guys this MAN has been with, and how many he's dating at present. My guess is that both numbers are huge, and that we would all be as impressed by the numbers as we are by how clearly he understands us. I mean, just look at how knowingly he describes the manner in which he draws us in: by rubbing his c*** through his pants in front of us, allowing us to see how big and thick that m************ thing is, and how hard that m************ thing is, and how shapely. And he does this with total, complete, absolute and utter disregard for our wives and families. God, I've got a painful, raging erection even now, just writing about that m************ thing in his pants and the way he uses it (and uses us) and the way he would entice us all to want to see and feel and taste it.

    He says that his married lovers worship his c***, and judging by the size and volume and frequency of the loads, and the way he describes the j*** leaking out of our mouths and a**** [try to imagine getting a FACEful of this joy], I submit that "worship" of this MAN's d*** is not too grand a word. Think of it this way: if you were at lunch at a restaurant, or standing on line somewhere to buy coffee, and this nasty, young, hot-looking stud inched up next to you and began rubbing his c*** through his pants, wouldn't you want to rub his c*** through his pants? In public? Of course you would. All of us would. And we'd want to do it, not just with our fingers, but with our mouths. And our hearts and our souls. And, yes, in public.

    And then we'd want to ease off to the men's room, get him in a stall, kneel before him (in the worship position), get that m************ d*** out of those pants, and have him start teasing us by rubbing the c******* around our face and lips, before he slips it into our mouth and eases it down our throat and starts to pump. To pump and pump and pump until he gives us one of those creamy delicious hot loads of his that are so gargantuan and f****** legendary.

    He's right, too, that it would take some work for him to get all of himself into our backside, because this MAN has one of those very rare ass-wrecker c**** that are beautiful to behold and wonderful to have in our lives and our colons. Eventually, though, this MAN would stretch us out, make our body adjust to c***, thoroughly ruin us for our wives and for other men, and then he would own us and we'd be, truly, his b******. Which is what we all want, and is what he deserves.

    Yes, gentlemen: this is a f****** MAN, and we all love him. And when we think of him, we want to do three things: bend over, grab our ankles, and beg, beg, BEG him to drive that c*** into our a**** and give us the love and the load we need, a load so big that it leaks out of us until we get home to our pitiful wives who will never love us like this MAN does.

    All of us married men who slip to the gay side want this MAN. And those of you out there who think you're straight hetero and would never cheat on your wives with a woman or a man? You want him, too. And if you say you don't, we won't hold it against you, but we won't be fooled either: all of us want this man. And that C***.

  • Aren't you the curious one? And why is that? Because it makes you hot. Because you've had men like me but never a man like me. I admit I got hard reading what you wrote. Good little boy.

    How many married men? Oh lots and lots. Right now, there are three regulars. Regular family guys. They call, they text and they almost stalk if I keep them waiting too long. They get the bulk of my s**. They get it with all its fury. They are my little husband b******. They are used to my c***. They crave it.

    But they are only a small part of my action. I like random married guys. I like guys who want a c*** but don't even know it yet. I am long and thick. I have a big beautiful head on my c*** that seems to pulse with desire. It is demanding.

    Last night I went to a nightclub with some straight friends, men and women. We had a great time. I went to the bar at one point to get us drinks and there was a man sitting there by himself. Yes he was looking at me. Yes he had a ring on his finger. I'd guess he was on a business trip. Out on his own. My jeans were tight and I was not wearing underwear. I let him look.

    I went back to our table and looked back in his direction. Our eyes met. How many times have I seen that look? I then ignored him for a while. I know it was driving him crazy. Finally, I went back to the bar for more drinks. It was quite crowded now. It gave me an excuse to wedge in next to him while I placed my order. I didn't even look at him, really, but I was right next to him. As my drink order was filled I turned as though to look back at my friends. My c*** rubbed along his leg. I turned back for the drinks, rubbing him again and starting to get a bit hard. I heard a light moan.

    I went back to my table but shortly after excused myself. I went to him and whispered in his ear. "Outside." That's all. Shortly after I left the nightclub he walked out the door. Without a word I led him to the back parking lot, to the very back in the mostly dark. I leaned back against a car my hips thrust slightly toward him. He stepped toward me in a rush. I pushed him back gently with my palm. Easy boy. I took his hand and ran it over the outline of my c***. His mouth was slightly open, his eyes filled with desire, l***. I made him step back as I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my thighs. My c*** was hard, big, its massive head gleaming in the scant light from far away sources.

    He dropped to his knees but before he could take it in his mouth I rubbed that head all over his face, letting him lick my length as I did so. Then, his mouth. He was good. Greedy. His cheeks bulged. I thrust, seeing what he could take. He took it well, liked it forced deeper.

    He cupped my b**** as he worked on me. I like that. I liked the bobbing of his head, the hungry sounds he made. Finally, I could feel it coming. I knew he was in for a big surprise. I knew it would be a pleasant surprise, a wonderful surprise. The first stream game gushing out, as it does, a load's load. He swallowed greedily as best he could. He was doing great until the second wave hit. That he couldn't keep up with, though he tried. Oh god he tried. The third stream was light by comparison but his mouth and throat were full. It leaked from the corners of his mouth and I saw fat droplets fall to the ground. I had to remove myself but he did not give it up willingly. I rubbed the c** covered head around his face. When he stood I gave his c*** a playful squeeze, then went back inside.

  • Later that night one of my married boys sent me a text. He wanted to come by. I told him OK. I left the door unlocked and waited for him in bed naked. When he came in he knew exactly what to do. He had me in his mouth in seconds. He got me hard easily. I am easy that way. He loves my c*** with a passion so hot, yet so familiar. He lubed me up and sat on my c***, first the fat head worked its way in, then the entire shaft eased in. Deep inside. He knows my c***. He savors all its size. I have broken him in completely. Enough. I took charge, as I do. I f***** him hard in many ways. When I finally came in his ass it was with us on our sides, me behind, his leg lifted as I thrust. After I eased out his finger went to his ass. He loves the feel of the c** as it works its way out. I think he expected more but there was enough for him to rub around his ass and puckered opening.

    When you become mine I make you shave. No pubic hair, no hair on your ass. You explain it to your wife however you want. I don't give a f***. I want you smooth. I give pleasure too but mostly these men want me.

    Did that make you hot little boy? Think about me as you f*** your wife. Put her on her knees and pretend she's you and you are me.

  • I have to say to this gay MAN who specializes in finding and using married men that, for the last two weeks, it seems that all I can think about is you. The only thing. I just keep imagining us encountering one another for the first time, and having you rub your crotch on me the way you rubbed it on the married guy you picked up at the bar, and then imagining what that leads to, and the size of the loads you would give. You really are incredible, and I really am helpless to think of anything other than you, and the way you use that magnificent thing you carry around in your pants.

  • You already know that it made me hot. Of course, you already know that it made ALL your readers and admirers here hot. And jealous. And hungry. Ravenous, actually. Literally crazed with desire for you.

    God, you really know how to work us all, don't you. You know just what we need as married men on the dark, dirty, depraved hunt for things we shouldn't have, things we vowed at our weddings never to seek, and things that our churches tell us we can't do. You know all those things, and you know precisely how to use them against us and for your own physical pleasure. And you know that we know we were made -- that we EXIST -- for that very pleasure of yours. You know, yes. You f****** know.

    You also know that we realize you care nothing for our wives or our families, or for the risk to our reputation and their reputations that we take in order to give our bodies to you, and you also know that we love that risk, that is a part of the thrill and the electrical charge we get, doing what we do in order to be with you.

    Not that it matters, but ever since I went to the dark side, I rarely have s** with my wife anymore, and what little s** we do have is nearly always perfunctory, at best. However, I recently f***** her, and as I did so I was thinking ENTIRELY of you (I did this before you wrote that I should think of myself as you, and her as me) and I was, needless to say I guess, much more aggressive and much less sensitive to her needs than usual. As I was on her, hitting it harder and harder, she said three times, "What the h*** got into you tonight??!?", not knowing that what was "in me" was YOU. And then, when I finally got enough of her tired old p****, I rolled her over, pulled her up to her knees, and attempted to enter her ass. She hates a***, and hasn't given it up in almost six years, so she kept pulling away, resisting, while I kept grabbing her hips and pulling her back in front of me and stabbing at her a*** with my c***. Finally she broke free, rolled over on her back and said, angrily, "Don't you EVER grab me like that again, or EVER try to assfuck me again! You do it, and I'll scream rape!!"

    The married man you got last night was the luckiest man alive. Well, I suppose all your married men are the luckiest men alive. I just hope they know it, and treat you with proper respect and awe. I know I would. I'm just so pleased that there are knowing gay men out there in the world who devote themselves to us married guys: we need you, and we love you.

    As I close here now, let me say that I came four times as I was reading your account of the married-guy-pickup at the bar. FOUR TIMES!!! First, the way you rubbed yourself up against his leg was something I could almost feel myself: the length, the thickness, the hardness, and the f****** heat. And then when you simply mentioned his quiet "moan", I came again. But the abuse you gave him in the parking lot was a real joy. I've been in parking lots like that several times, on my knees in front of one man or another, so I could identify with him, and his utter subservience, as well as the concurrent thrill of being selected by you and running the risk of being discovered by friends or family. God, that was so f****** hot. The best, though, was the casual squeeze you gave him as you were returning to your friends at the bar, the first time YOU had touched HIS c***: even though it was just a brief touch, let me tell you that your touch caused him to explode inside his pants. How do I know? Because it made ME explode inside MY pants.

    Thank you for being the MAN you are. And mother of christ, we all know what a MAN you are. F***!!!!


    Your Slave
    Your B****
    Your Cumdump
    Your Married W****

  • I'm going to write more about this poster later, when my wife is out of the house and not snooping, but right now I just have to acknowledge and underscore what he says about how we married men love to please him and how he is the biggest turnon of our lives. I haven't been with this particular man, but there is one who filled that role in my life for a time, and yes, there was never anything as wonderful as pleasing him, and doing that was the most exciting thing in my life, period. More exciting than getting married, more exciting than dating strippers, more exciting than anything. And more important than my marriage and my family. This man here is even better than that, and he's right: pleasing him is the biggest turnon.

  • Anytime you want to suck me let me know.

  • Come suck my d*** any time you want it.

  • I will suck us c***

  • you should start out with a tranny, like i did and like i still mostly do. i even managed to introuduce one t-girl to my family without telling them that she was a he or that i was hitting it. it was amazingly hot and the girl loved it too. i just said she was a friend from work.

  • Yes trannys are amazing in bed. I don't like men so with a tranny you still get the fem side but with a juicy c***.

  • i'm married and i would totally stick my tongue in this guy's ass, not the original writer but this guy here. he sounds completely hot and i want him.

  • I agree I love tongueing a man's a******. I'm a married c********* and just about every time I suck another man off I smell his ass. If it's not too dirty I lick his ass clean then get my tongue up his ass as far as I can. I like an a****** that smells like one not soap.
    I love s** with men and wish I had a regular here in western NC. Can't get enough d*** & c**!! I don't wanna f*** my wife anymore just s** with men now. HOT!

  • As soon as you get your mouth filled with that warm, sweet, delicious cream from a real man who knows what you need, you'll always want more. Yes you really do feel like sucking a c***. It's because you love c***. It's because you were meant to suck c***. It's because you were made for it. Stop fighting it ........ and just suck.

  • I agree once a man c*** in your mouth you get addicted to it. There is nothing hotter than taking a c*** in your mouth and sucking it until you feel it throb and it spurts that thick c**. I wonder how many loads I have tasted.

  • U must like a nice load

  • U wanna suck this tonite

  • Would u like to suck my c***

  • Anyone ever sucked taxi driver off i just have it was amazing

  • You should go to a nice gay bar near you. Be sure to wear your wedding ring, so that everybody knows you're married. You won't believe how popular you are and how much attention you get because everybody will want to "convert" you. You'll soon find yourself in the men's room, with your c*** in another man's hand, and his c*** in your hand, and your tongues in each other's mouths. And then the same thing again with a second man a little later on. And then maybe a third. We love married men, and we love the way they love us. So . . . . . . . come love us.

  • Once you know the feeling of having a skilled swordsman enter and use your body for pleasure you will not believe the hunger that comes with it. You only thought you were once hungry for p****. Once you've experienced c***, the hunger for it, especially for a married man who has never had one in him, is ten times more than the hunger for p****. You already know what you want and you are already dreaming about it. Go get that f****** meat. Don't wait another day.

  • All the pervious commenters are damn wrong! Be a man like when your mom birthed you! And wanted you! Your wife is in need for a strong man who can handle resposibilities! Dont be weak and dont look at yourself as a poor needy guy! Remember what is your gender, and remember why you have been saved..

  • I've been right where where you are right now, and all I can tell you is this: there is nothing in the world -- absolutely nothing -- half as good as having an ass full of MAN! Go for it, and never look back.

  • The previous commenter is absolutely, totally correct and I couldn't agree more. You aren't trying to get it out of your system, lover: you're trying desperately to get it INTO your system. And by "it", of course, I mean "c***". Married guys are the very best at tending to the needs of another man, because they're thrilled by the taboo nature of gay s**, it's something they aren't getting (and CAN'T get) at home, and they are such wanton little s****. Give up your illusion of the hetero lifestyle, whether or not you leave your wife (which I sense you surely will, because you obviously want the d*** so very, very badly), and c** over to the dark side. You're thinking about it now, and you'll think about it more and more until you do it. You'll never regret it, sweetheart, I promise you that. The only thing you'll regret is not having c** over sooner. You want the d***, and you need to got get the d***.
    Another thing about that last commenter: he's an unbelievably hot piece of ass, considering the way he gets all those naughty little married guys to submit to him. God, I just f****** love that! And even though I'm a top, I'd be his bottom (and give him MY bottom!) in a hearbeat. And like the other men he gets, I'd worship what he has; just f****** WORSHIP it!!!
    And a final thing about that last commenter: f****** YUMMY!!!!!

  • I've had my c*** sucked by lots of guys like you. The married guys who have a taste for d*** have swallowed a gallon of my j***. They are eager and some very skilled.

    Oh, and it most often doesn't stop there. They suck me, rub my b**** and end up wanting to be my bottom. Married guys are the best. They worship what I have.

  • I'd like to get a taste of THIS guy's ass myself. DAMN he's f***** hot.

  • just like the other married guys here and those who have already swallowed your j***, i'd be glad to get in line to offer myself to you. i want you so bad in fact that i can smell your c*** and taste your c**, sitting right here at my comp. actually, i can even smell and taste your hot ass and I would love to get my tongue inside it. i love it that you love married men like me.

  • I'm married and I want to be your bottom.

  • The other guy was right about you: you are so incredibly hot, hot, hot! Christ, just reading about what you've done with married guys like me makes me hard as a f****** rock! In fact, you make me so hard that if you wanted it, I'd let you do me in front of my wife and kids. I can totally imagine that all those married men do exactly what you say they do, and that they would do anything you wanted just to keep you in their lives. GOD!!!

  • You have come to the right place. Most of the lil b**** guys who write messages here would love to suck your c***.

    - Martha

  • No question there is a submissive, pleasuring component to this. Like many here I am a married guy who absolutely worships c***. Can not ever get enough. I have never bottomed and not really something I think I will ever do. But I will never stop sucking c***. Last night I went to a local bookstore and over the course of 5 hours I gave 14 b******* (a few I did twice) and if they did not close I would have kept going until any guy who wanted it got it. Reading this blog has got me so h**** that I will be heading out again soon. You get a lot of married men in the afternoons and they appreciate it so much. Warning. Once you start you are likely to never stop!! I love c***.

  • I know. I asked my wife if I could suck some c***. She said yes about 6 times as long as both men wore condoms. The first man I had called up at 8am in the morning. My wife answered saying I was asleep. She asked him what it was about. He said he had arranged to come round and suck your husbands c*** while your husband sucks my c***. Well the only time I can make it is now and I did not want to disappoint your husband. My wife said yes he is very keen because it is his first time. I will wake him up. My wife woke me up and said your male c********* wants to c** now. Get up and get ready or you will miss him. Then my wife said to my c*********. OK he is getting up now. I will make sure he and his c*** are ready for you. She came back in to my bedroom and said lube up your ass because he wants to f*** you too it would not be my taste but I think you should let him f*** you.i will be here in the garden. The guy arrived and I came down to the front door naked. My wife had had a 5minute conversation with the guy before she called me out the shower. At the door my wife said I told you he had.a big c***. She grabbed my erection and put in his hand. She then asked if he wanted a drink. At this point I undid his belt, pulled down hir trousers and took his very hard straight c*** in my mouth. My wife came back with a drink of water and chose to put it on the table furthest from the door. She did appologise for bursting in. Then she left saying to me I can see that you are really enjoying that as my head pushed down and pulled back on the guys c***
    I had a great tim and from that moment I was addicted to sucking c***. I had about 6 men in the next six months. The first and last are the most memorable. He had a bigger fatter c***. I sucked this and after about 1 hour he was coming off in my mouth. The first jet of c** hit the backof my throat like a bullet. It was moving very fast, it was very hot and it was a very big load. Thi guy had another 10 loads just like the first .mm

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