Hey ok so I'm 14 and god I just want s**. It consumes me it's all I can think about. I've technically done it twice but I never got to finish. I've tried masturbating and I just can't get off it drives me crazy. I just want some hot guy of the bad boy variety to just show up on a motercycle,take me somewhere, and f*** me til I scream. Okay maybe this is bad but whatever I just want some hard hot mind numbing f***, is that so wrong?



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  • Hold yourself there kid, remember that the main and huge mistake that cause bad future in teens are first time s** with no marrige.. It happens alot because you pervets cant hold yourself! Im talking about people that are not muslims! They keep things much worse! Because they cant hold their selves!! God! And you say, Jesus...? Get a life!

  • Where do you live???

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