Only S** becomes Maturity

I think having s** from a young age and with many people, (my experience with the opposite s**), makes you mature i.e. socially adaptable, free of perversion, and likeable by people around you.

I don't know of how another person perceives the world, the one who has not had the opportunity to much sexual encounters and the people who are craving for s**.

I am not fed up of doing it, but feel satisfied, and also I can give good pleasure to the women who get me now, I have had many comments like "it was the greatest pleasure", "I was never f***** like this ever", so on, I believe great s** comes from a lot of experience.

A boy is afraid to ask out a girl for s**, i know, see s** is not about the girl you are in, s** is about being in a girl, so my advice to young boys out there trying, don't try to f*** what you can't get and waste your time on those losers, just f*** what you get and learn from it. n.b. don't rape, there is no pleasure in it, make sure s** is pleasurable on both ends.

I have made women get o***** 9 times, before I enter, and the way they treat you, they treat you like God, so make sure you give them all that they can take, and restrict yourself to intense s** maybe once or twice a week, don't overdo it, or you might end up feeling indifferent like me, I have reached to a stage where, even if 10 girls are licking my p****, i can keep it un-erect and make it erect with my mind, and vice versa, I can get erections no matter how tired I am, and plus delay my o***** to my control, so, it is all possible, what you need is patience and experience.

now about seducing a girl, first of all, let me make it very clear, do not go out and try anything on anyone, there might be certain relationships or people you wouldn't want to start something on, cos, girls get away with everything but it not the same case for guys, you need to be sure, your target is f******* without remorse or regret, and without commitments, they call it cheating, like losing her when you are fed-up, but they like it too, and they do it too. so don't be sad to say bye bye to a tear, and on to your saga of sexual experiencing. n.b. even girls like getting dropped, cos even they like a change of c***.

Ok, now the technical parts of the seduction method. it starts with good words, help and advice, and then move on to touching, pressing and skin contact, and then to making situations when you are alone together, and then leading it to a kiss.... then you know what to do, if you don't don't worry she will, the GOD word, Generator Organiser Destroyer.... Since you have been generated.... you Organise the situation... you will be Destroyed, that's when you die, and god will take care of it... for now, the technical advice is in being organized.. have the cash with you to get them what they want, i have f***** girls by just getting them choclates that they like, sometimes flowers, sometimes food (not the poverty cases he he), so the CASH, then have a place to do it, studies say 60% of Global F****** is happening in cars, so get a car with tinted windows.... and a good suspension. oh, and keep condoms and birth control pills with you, just in case... ahhh and finally, girls like to f*** men you they know have f***** other girls.. so don't run around saying you are a virgin, no ones interested..

Girls ( I am sure I know what's in you, so don't bother commenting, whether I have taken you for granted, believe me, f****** is pleasurable on both ends, so shut the f*** up and f*** the guys who need you, and guys, my brothers don't give a f*** to a girl, they are nothing more than holes to get pleasure from, but, just like our p****, that needs a lot of rubbing before giving us that o*****, you need to heat up a girl, to get the whole pleasure out of her, her tears are like gold medals for you, tear's of pleasure, dummy!!))


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