I was an escort for 2 years and just recently gave it up. I was in need of money and saw what I thought would be an easy way to make some money. I placed an ad on a website, and it wasn't long before I received a lot of emails.
The first time I went to a mans hotel room I was so nervous. I knocked on the door, and a fairly attractive man answered. We made some small-talk, to make sure we both weren't cops, and he then offered me 400 dollars to f*** me. It was weird to undress in front of someone I didn't know, but even stranger when I laid back, he started to kiss my body and suck on my t***, and then I watched him put on a condom. He slowly entered me, and began to f*** me, most of the guys don't last too long, and he finished in no time. Most of my dates are sweet guys, just not very good lovers.
I tired to stay with just few regular guys, because some men would always want to f***, or get their d**** sucked without a condom. No way! Some would even offer twice my rate.
A few months ago two of my regulars wanted a three-way, since I had been with both, I thought no problem. The other thing was they wanted to bare-back me(no condoms). The money they offered was to good to pass up. We all got naked, and I got in the doggie position, Brett entered me from behind, and Jake put his c*** in my mouth. They both started to f*** me, one in my p****, the other in my mouth. They started to say all kinds of horrible things to me, calling me their c** s***, w****, and b****. Brett pulled out and came all over my back, while Jake pulled out of my mouth and came on my face. they then wanted their d**** sucked, while I jerked the other off, again all kinds of names. One then came in my hair, the other all over my t***. They then took the money on the dresser and wiped the c** in it. Saying thanks, c** s***. They left I went and showered, and cried.
I quit soon after, asked my Mom if I could come home, and she agreed. No one knows I was an escort, I lied about my job. I have a regular job now, working with a friend of my Moms in a office. The problem is I started to date a real nice guy, and I am afraid he will find out I escorted. Should I tell him? Or should I let it go? I have no one else to talk to about this. Thanks


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  • That is how I feel about the queen why she doesn't like me over all these common rude vial nasty scum, when I am the model citizen who does good things. and she abuses me all my life. the woman is crazy. same here, queen elizabeth has insulted me enough. I am just wondering why she insults me so much all the time over the past 30 or so years. how would she like to be insulted? when will she stop insulting me? afterall how crude is she and what bad things has she done that need to be exposed before she dies. the queen needs an esscort out of her palace and country told to never return and she is just a w**** esscort. consort port short caught.

  • Don't tell him. We all have a past. Or haven't gotten there yet. I've been married for a long time and I've learned that honesty is overrated. So unless you're afraid of meeting your former clients socially, don't bring it up. Anyway, a lot of women have done a lot worse sexually for free. Remember the "Girls Gone Wild" videos?

  • If you're not a w****, then don't tell people you used to be one, because then they'll think you are.

    Sometimes the best way to move forward is to filter out irrelevant information

  • I think you should not hide anything, nor tell him straight up. If you feel like there is any good moment in your life to tell him, like when he tells u something as big as this about him, then its a really good chance to tell him. Otherwise, as long as ur confortable.

  • As an escort myself (with a long distance bf who has no idea), I can so relate. Whether you tell him or not is entirely up to you. If he really cares about you, he'll care and be hurt, but he'll forgive and let it go because it's all in the past. Honesty is huge in a relationship and can bring you closer. If you're really afraid (I understand because I'm never telling) and you think you can live with keeping it a secret forever, then don't tell him. It might be best that way, actually. As long as you're honest about other things and treat him great, it'll be ok.

  • Is 400 dollars all you make to let some guy f*** you? Or is the OP a cheap w****? Doesn't sound like enough to me.

  • I don't see the point in telling your boyfriend.

  • LOL! "c** s***" was a great name for you, honey

  • what a sweet, heart warming story

  • Never tell him, there is no way he could find out. If you like him keep it a secret. None of his business anyhow.

  • I'm sorry those guys treated you that way. Its not right period - and everyone knows it. Their treatment of you reveals who THEY are as people not you. Good that you got out though because that life can be degrading.

    Wait to get to know your new friend before you consider whether to tell him or not. The life you lead was a decision you made and its taken you to who you are today. But you aren't under any obligation to tell him (or anyone) about it if you don't want to. Ask yourself if telling him will bring you two closer or create problems. Good luck hun - you clearly sound like good person with humility who's learned a lot. Try not to worry - everyone has a "past".

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