S***. I can't believe this happened.

I have to get this off my chest.

I am 32 years old and I have been married for 14 years. Last year I was at a party with a good friend of mine, we were having drinks, and at some point, someone started smoking pot. About an hour after that, my friend and I, drunk and contact high, went to lay down in one on the guest rooms...and we started talking about s**, which led to us sharing stories about our s**-lives.
An hour or so later, my friend says to me, "I've wanted to see you naked since 5th grade." Then proceeds to tell me everything that would be done to me if I would just succumb and allow it. I was so incredibly h****, that I was almost dizzy. I sent a text to my spouse, requesting permission to "see where it goes" (we are swingers, but always communicate), I get the ok, and my friend and I have the most incredible, intense s** either of us have ever had. We lasted well over 4 hours, and we were vocal, despite being in a less than private place, it simply couldnt be helped. We finally fell asleep about 6AM.
Later that day, we were driving back to the cities, we pull over, and my friend starts kissing me, on the face, lips, neck, and we end up having s** again for about an hour, on the side of a truck/rest-stop. Since then, we have had s**, probably close to 50 times. I have never experienced such earth-shattering o****** in my life. I can't tell my spouse because I am afraid insecurities might arise, despite my feelings that my emotional and sexual connection with my spouse means more to me than world-rocking s**.
I am not "falling in love" with my friend, and I am assured there are no expectations of furthering our relationship beyond "besties w/ benefits", at the same time, the s** is really amazing, every time, and I worry about losing that in the future.

Mar 15, 2012

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  • If you truly are swingers, your hubby shouldn't get mad that you are getting f*****, and enjoying it.

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