No Sexy Pics

I'm in a relationship. He's a fitness freak. He used to be fat but lost tons of weight and now has an amazing body and probably weighs only a little more than me.

Because of birth control I've put on a lot of weight in a short amount of time and am a jean size 9 now. Plus I have BDD so I feel super bad about it. I eat right and exercise a ton so I can drop the weight, but nothing's working. I feel unsexy.

My boyfriend has a weird obsession with wanting to see my stomach, I guess it's his thing. He wants a pic of it to keep. I'm self conscious so I tell him no, and it's not a big deal to him but he'll bug me about it every once and a while especially if he's drunk.

Sometime's he'll be like "Did you get fat? Did you get chubby? Aww you're chubby." and it'll make me feel really, really bad because of the way he says it. He mentions working out and stuff and one time said he wanted me to "be sexy/skinny".

He also wants dirty pics of me but since I feel unsexy I just won't do it til I get my body back to normal. And it really p***** him off. Now he's okay with it, but he'll complain about it and pressure me once and a while. I tell him I'm not comfortable with it. He says he wants someone who'll take nasty pics/videos and be sexy, so I told him to go and dump me so he could find that someone and be happier, but he doesn't want to.

He NEVER takes dirty pics, and I've sent him my privates before even though I was uncomfortable doing it. I think it's not fair he pressures me so much when I never do that with him.

I dunno. I feel like a bad girlfriend because of my stupid b/c weight and non-sexy pictures since it p***** him off so much. I regret going on birth control and getting fatter, but it was either that or get pregnant.


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  • Yeah girl! You should not be giving naked photos to anyone, it can backfire on you. And you above all people should know that you are a beautiful person and even if you dont find yourself so, somebody else will and wont force nude pictures from you--thats someone who loves you!

  • STOP taking naked pictures of your self and giving them to anyone.

    Once the pictures are on the net, you can NEVER get them back!

    Get a boy friend who RESPECTS you!!Lose the loser!!

    RESPECT yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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