I like rough s** :x

I confess that about 2 months ago, my boyfriend and I was having an intense argument. I stepped out of line and said something I wasn't suposse to. he lost it and pushed me, I pushed him back. He then pushed me agaisnt the wall. I was soooooooooo turned on. we started screaming at each other, after a few minutes we started really fighting. somehow he ended up on top , I went for it and kissed him. Turns out he was turned on by this as well. That was the best fuking we've ever did. we fought to see who'd get on top. at a point He pinned me down and f***** me hard, I moaned so f****** loud. He covered my mouth with his hand which only turned me on more. when it was time for me to climax he removed his hand and I could hear my voice feel the entire room. He whispered the filthiest things in my ears, Usually we made sweet slow love, but that time it was all rough, he had complete control and I loved it. I confess I liked being pined down and that was the best s** I've ever had. :x
I confess that ever since then I'd say stupid things that I know will get him mad to get a reaction. Sadly still no reaction from him :'(

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  • aww lol maybe you could tell him you really loved it so he knows and when you say stuff he gets the hint?

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