I got married about three years ago which is when i started having an affair with my wife's married aunt liz who is totally hot and who is only 11 years older than my wife. things were unbelievably great until they started to get weird last summer and and i wanted to end it then but liz threatend to tell my wife if i did and to show her some really dirty s** and watersports vids we made. she got worse and worse and more crazy and she started saying we need to leave our spouses and move away together and start a separate family with kids of our own. finally on sunday night she went completely batshit while we were at our secret apartment and i left without f****** her even a little which i've almost never done before but i did it because i know it drives her even more insane and i was mad and i wanted to hurt her like she was hurting me with her craziness. and then i called her last night and told her i was out. so now i'm just waiting to see if she calls my wife or sends her one or more of the videos and hoping that she doesn't because the s*** will totally be in the fan if she does that.

Mar 20, 2012

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  • Ha. That's what you get. I hope she does. Poor wife...

  • Be careful what you ask for you just might get it!

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