S** with my sis's friend

I finally did it. i felt my sisters friend. ok im 13 and a boy that just hit puberty. My sis's friend is 14 and incredibly hot. I was planning to f*** her in her sleep the whole week but it was worth the wait. My sis and her friend were doing this web chat thing for a while online until they got sleepy. They will always go out onto the living room couch and watch a movie until they fall asleep. i stayed up watching p*** all night until about 3:00 am. i slowly walked out into the living room and to my luck she was sleeping straight up. I crawled over to the edge of the couch and rubbed her arm to make sure she wasn't awake. Then i rubbed her lips and her chest. She didnt move at all so i went into action. first i made out with her for a couple of minutes. then i slowly pulled down her blanket and started to undo her bra.(weird that she wore one to bed) She moved a little bit and i stopped. Then started again i felt her b**** with her shirt up and made out with her again. Amazed how she was not awake, i started to slide my hand down her panties and played with her p****. She moaned but i was to into it i didn't stop. I felt great so i pulled down my pants and had her hand rub my p****. Then i put it in her mouth i instantly cummed and i ran out scared she woke up. knowing she didn't i went back to her and pulled down her panties. I slowly rubbed my c*** against her p**** lips and the slowly pushed it inside her she moaned again but she is a really deep sleeper! i slowly f***** her while making out with her and rubbing her t***. I cummed inside her full force and it felt so good. She never woke up and i feel so great about it. I do it every time she comes over now and I also wear condoms.(dont want her pregnant) I love doing her because i always c** and i probably will keep doing it until she stops coming over :)


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  • Hahaaa

  • Yeah, I'm SO SURE you're 13. Hahahahahaaaaaaa !

  • She was awake the whole time. You're still asleep.

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