What The H***

Oh,so my darling boyfriend has decided that we shouldn't have s** anymore (i'm a teenager, don't judge)so he finally figured out the risks which were fine when he wanted a f*** but not now are horrible. I did whatever he wanted and now we get to be the "in-love" couple, yes I love him, but I NEED the s** factor, I want a boyfriend who wants me in every way and isn't just gonna use me cause he doesn't wanna be a virgin anymore. I wasn't really a virgin before him but it was the first time I'd willingly and knowingly done it, but I was someones personal f*** toy when I was too little to realize it so maybe that screwed me up but I want someone who truly wants me, in my fantasies there is some hot, cocky, bad boy who loves me nut is still bad I need that I can't do the lovey dove crap without the other factor.

Mar 27, 2012

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