Don't P*** Me Off

I fantasize about committing murder.

I love the idea of holding a gun to someone's head and experiencing the thrill of knowing I have all the power.

Every time somebody does something to hurt me I fantasize about torturing and maiming them until they're crying and apologizing profusely. I want to watch people beg me for mercy. I want them to rue the day they f***** with me.

I often think that I could be a hit man if offered enough money. $50,000.00 a pop, minimum. $500,000.00 for someone high profile.

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  • I do too. I have been a Good Person all my life and don't have anything to show for it. I am exactly like Walter White in the first few episodes of Breaking Bad, and I am starting down that path too. Not drugs, I will probably do wet work like you think you want to. You are coming from a place of teenage drama and hormones, I am coming from a lifetime of being treated like crap for being a good person. I have been where you are, and speak from experience: You don't stand a chance against someone like me. I have intelligence, experience, and nothing left to lose.

  • I am 19 a girl and I to could be a hit woman. I could very easily take another's life without even thinking about it. I have a 9mm Berretta and I am a very good shot with it up to 100 feet but I would be a lot closer than that when I pull the trigger I want to see their eyes as they see the speeding bullet coming at them.

  • Yes I have been bullied most of my life, Raped several times and abused by my father since I was 12.

  • I guess you have been Bullied a few times eh?

  • I dont know if i would p*** you off, but i would p*** on your b**** head after you licked my hairy b****, you candy ass bad ass wanna be, go play with your f****** barbie dolls!!!!!

  • I'm willing to bet you're just stupid b****

  • Thts how i always feel if u p*** me off u better watch ur back

  • not sure whether this is a bad thing or a good thing...
    depends who you're going to kill.


  • Yes, you can totally tell people believe that by the way they lead their lives and treat others...

  • You rock!!! xDDDD

    But if you become a hitman, please make sure that the person you're killing is a bad person, not an innocent person. If you kill someone good, it would make me hate you.

  • Right, because 1) we know who you are and 2) care about whether or not you "hate" anybody. -eyeroll-

  • I don't mean to p*** you off, but suck my d***, P****!

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