Big d***

I have a crush on this girl who has a crush on me, I'm worried because we are both virgins, and my d*** is rather big, I'm afraid if we do go out, it will hurt her, or she will just flat out not want to date me cause of it. I'm 9 inches long, and 6 inches in girth at least, I know a lot of you aren't gonna believe it, but that isn't what this is about, its about should I be worried?

Mar 28, 2012

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  • Love it in my ass

  • Don't worry about it.A woman's v***** stretches,it's elasticated.If you caress this girl moderately and get her v***** wet,it should be lubricated enough,to fit your p**** in her.I can't stress enough,how important it is to ensure your woman's v***** is moist and ready,before you engage in sexual intercourse.Otherwise,it'll be excruciatingly painful for her and for you.If you aren't sure,buy lubricant as extra precaution.Also use protection.Best to be safe,than sorry!

    However,you aren't engaging in any sexual activities yet,so don't concern yourself about this yet.It's good to be prepared.But just focus on bagging the girl first and enjoying the dating ritual :) Good luck!

  • So is it big, and should I take it slow?

  • will a*** be possible?

  • If he can't get it in her p****, he sure the h*** won't get her to want it in the ass !

  • okay, basically I might not even end up with this girl, but she is talking like she wants to date me, but when that day comes would cowgirl be the best way to go?

  • Missionary is a better position,for a first time.

  • The way to go is to make sure you both have lots of foreplay to get her nice and h**** wet. Then, you should tease her p**** with your c*** for a while before you enter it. Then, when you want to get inside her...take it very slow. Push in slowly til you get all the way in...pull out slowly. Several times. In other words, work her p**** up to be nice and slippery for you and don't even think you can start off with hard f****** right away. Gentleness to start is the key.

    Let her guide you and tell her to tell you if you're hurting her. Be prepared that the 1st time of s** may not be great. Have patience and eventually she will be begging for your c***.

    Now I'm so h**** talking about this, I've got to f*** myself with my big d**** !

  • I'm just worried about it hurting her, I mean she said she can tell I'm well hung but I don't think she knows how much.

  • Once she get's used to your big d*** she'll love it, lucky girl.

  • H*** no. Pound her.

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