On several occasions I have stolen clean panties out of female friends house. or off their closeline.. I would always put them back either that night or the next day. but I would always j******* 2 or 3 different times through the night while I had them filling the crotch with a huge pool of c** each time letting it dry and them returning them to the exhact spot like they were untouched. and I would be so turned on just knowing that at any moment her p**** and ass could be rubbing up against my dry c** all day now doesnt that sound f****** nice...

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  • I'm sorry, but I doubt that will happen. Don't you think they'll notice that their panties are stiff and crusty while putting them on? Are you stupid? C** isn't like water where it leaves no trace when it dries...

  • Nice - Read my true story - My Little Secret posted here

  • It's a beautiful thing.

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