I love bringing my boyfriend pleasure but when I blow him or give him a hand job I feel like I'm gagging once he c*** even if it's not in my mouth I feel like I'm gonna puke. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? When we had actual s** he came to fast and now he doesn't wanna do it because he's afraid of what could happen. I'm not on board with that considering I have never had an o***** and never even came. He has done stuff to me but it never gets me there and the one time he licked my p**** he used the tip of his tongue and sometimes sucked but I hated the tip of his tongue I could barely feel it when he sucked I would get tingly and hot but then he went back to the tip. I'm going crazy. I want an o***** but I haven't had one and I like blowing him and stuff but I don't like the gagging feeling when he comes. I am a teenager FYI


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  • Have him fee glasses of wine and then try having s**.. He will be able to hold his o***** for longer time and will be interested to try h*** a lot of things.. When i am on high i f*** my gf for 40 mins straight and do all nasty stuffs..

  • You have to get him to slow down a little and get you up to speed. You may not have many o****** until you're older, but will enjoy him in you if he takes his time. Tell him how you want him to lick your p**** and remember--practice, practice, practice...

  • Oh, forgot to add, not every woman likes the taste of c** or wants to swallow it. Don't put pressure on yourself to like it. You DON'T have to swallow !

  • You have to gently guide him how to lick your p****. He sounds like he does not have much experience with it. Also, tell him it's OKAY to f*** you and EVEN IF he c*** fast. YOu WANT him to try to f*** you again, right ? You WILL get NOWHERE with him if you make him feel too afraid to f*** you if he KNOWS you're WORRIED or ANGRY if he c*** too fast.

    S** is supposed to be FUN, KEEP it that way and don't put too much pressure on him that he HAS to make you c** or else you are displeased with him !

    READ UP about premature e********** online too. That may help you to help him. Maybe you might want to Google search for solutions to your aversion to c**/s**** and see if there are others who feel like you do about it. Maybe they can help you.

    Good luck !

  • hes q**** and so r u

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