Gave a****** BF a 3way

What is it with men wanting 3 ways? My BF of 2 years asked me for a 3 way. He knows my girlfriend and I are bi, and he thought if we had a 3 way that he could f*** her. BS Well I said we could have a 3 way if it was his friend, Brad instead. Brad is a hot guy, and I thought my boyfriend would never go through with it. He f****** said Okay. WTF So, we had a 3way. When I saw Brad naked it made my p**** wet, his c*** was a lot bigger than my boyfriends. I got in the doggie style with my boyfriend f****** me, and Brad f****** my mouth. My boyfriend came quickly, and the phone rang, and HE WENT TO ANSWER IT! I wanted Brad in my p****, so I got on my back and he f***** me. It was heaven. My boyfriend comes back in the room, just as we both c**. He throws a fit, I am WTF. This is exactly what you wanted a******. He was mad that we had s** with him out of the room. No way will I ever give him a FFM 3way now. What the h*** did I do wrong?

Apr 1, 2012

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  • Yea same thing happened to me 30 years ago I wanted a 3 way with another woman we settled on another guy first we had it and had s** all night when it came time for the ffm she backed out o and did I mention she had a 2 year affair with the other guy behind my back

  • If he ever ask you for a 3 way again just tell him you had your chance and you blew it, and I'd be f****** Brad on the side without wour BF knowing or I'd rub it in his face.

  • lots of women let their man f*** them in the ass.My gf does most things i ask her to do but she has a limit to what i ask... for example i too asked for a tree some to go to a new city and try out new stuff then when we'd come back home forget all about it... you know what she responded? she said yes! but No! to the 3way because in her words" i love you and would do anything to make us happy and have great times to remember but, i wont do anything that might compromise our relationship and cause regret or guilt after... nothing that would make me or you loose respect amongst others even if i dont know them" and i totally agree and respect her decisions..
    this is so true |
    \ /
    "... The moment that happens all feelings of arousal and sexual attraction vanish. It takes about 40 seconds for normality to return and jealousy to raise its ugly head...."

  • Brenda says:


  • It seems kinda weird leaving to answer the phone in the middle of s** - I can't figure that out - so no real surprise that you & Brad went ahead and continued without him. He shouldn't have gotten so mad since he's already sharing you with someone else.

    But it seems like you give in to everything he wants, then resent it afterwards and feel angry about it. There are women that like a*** and swallowing - but if you don't like it, then don't agree to it. You don't HAVE to give in if you don't enjoy something.

    If you willingly do things for him sometimes to make him happy - then resent it afterwards - maybe you're doing cause you feel you have to and that's not a good place to be. Stand up for yourself and tell him what you want too - compromise in relationships is about trying to make the other person happy but it can't go only one-way. He ought to be trying to make you happy too but you have to communicate what you want.

  • No, I have turned him down on several things. Just a few of the things I have turned him down are: wanted to go to a nude beach, a tattoo just above my p****, wanted me to do amateur night at a strip club.
    I think he sees stuff on p*** sites and thinks we should be doing all of that too. After the 3way I think he is calming down a bit.
    When we started having a*** s**, that's all we did for a month. Then it was on to the next fetish.

  • You should not have allowed your BF to come first. The moment that happens all feelings of arousal and sexual attraction vanish. It takes about 40 seconds for normality to return and jealousy to raise its ugly head.

  • It seems to me like you're the baby here. You complain about him buying you a bikini? What do men know about that? If he's the one buying it, help him with the size. I have no idea what size my gf has. You swallowed, ooh big deal. You don't have to, he asked ... that's all he did. You obliged. You can't just oblige and than put the blame on him.

    You asked for a 3way with his friend ... he gave it to you! He took a call which is a bit odd I confess but he wanted to be PART of the 3way, clearly. And you start f****** his friend without him being there. Come one, could at least play around a bit until he's back. Seems to me like that would have been fine.

    And now you're the childish one here saying that you got what you asked, and you're not going to give him the 3way he asked for anyway ... that's real mature of you. Like 7 year old mature. How old are you anyway, you sound like you're 16. Get over it. You should dump him? H*** no, he should dump you!

  • I TOLD HIM MY SIZE, HE BOUGHT ONE TOO SMALL ON PURPOSE. I wore it to make him happy. My t*** would barely stay in the top. I didn't want the 3way, I said I would if he invited his friend, Brad. I never thought he would go through with it. I thought getting f***** by Brad is what he wanted. I got f****** h**** with Brads c*** in my mouth, and wanted him in my p****. How many women will let their man f*** them in the ass? hes the one that is spoiled.

  • How many women? I know a few, heh. If he buys one size too small than don't wear it! You're entitled to your opinion. Just tell him to return it and that you'll only wear the correct size if you don't feel comfortable with it. You let him get away with it by not speaking up. Of course you gothorny with Brad's c*** in your mouth, it's forbidden fruit kind of, even at that point. He's spoilt but you're helping him get spoiled by going along with it. You can't back off now ... you set an ultimatum for a 3way and he held up his end of the deal. You'll have to hold up your end now. And after that, have a voice. Stand up for yourself.

  • sounds like he is into you only for s**... i bet hes f****** someone else behind your back...notice this is a subjective opinion. dump him. he aint worth it if he doesnt consider your feelings atleast 50 percent of the time.;)

  • I guess what your problem was doing it while he wasn't there..if it was a 3way then that is exactly what it should be...the fact that he was "unused"
    Or involeved while u had an o***** was probably it..and the fact that you may have shown satisfaction "unconciously"may have something to do with it...I'd say give him the 3way and see what the outcome enjoyed your 3 way I think he should the way I think you kinda used the situation to f*** Brad as well..;) if you love hime do what your heart tells you good luck..

  • Why I am so p***** is he gets anything he wants when it comes to s**. I never swallowed c** until I dated him. I never let a guy f*** me in the ass until I started dating him. I play out his fantasies, He wanted me to wear a thong bikini to the beach, I let him buy it and its a little to small. I wore it anyway, it barely covered my p****, and nipples, and I still wore it. I get off f****** Brad(who was fantastic in bed), and he throws a fit like a baby. MEN!

  • You picked a d******* for a BF

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