Because My Husand Is A P**** I S**** Around On Him

I'm a good wife. I stay at home, take care of the kids, clean the house, cook the meals and a million other things. But would you believe my husband never says thank you for all I do in my every waking hour. Because he's a bigshot lawyer his ego is as big as the moon and he he acts like a p**** and treats me like s***, as if I were a f****** maid instead of his wife.

And you know what? I dropped out of college to get a job and put that piece of s*** through Law School when he was a poor boy who didn't have a dime. And what did I get for all my sacrifices for him? Treated like s***! But, after ten years of this, I got even with that p****.

I slept with his brother, his boss, the next door neighbor, who's a hot jock, and I'm working on sleeping with three other men.

What if he finds out? Tuff titty! I'll get big bucks out of him in Divorce Court -- I've got proof he screwed around too, courtesy of a private detective.

The moral of my story, don't ever give up your college degree and your dreams to put a man through Law School. He'll just get a big f******, Lawyer ego and treat you like s*** or dump you for some younger chick with big t***.

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  • Can u say w**** w**** w**** w**** w**** w**** low life w**** low life pig

  • Guess what w****, if you are both s******* around there is no settlement because as a primary provider he would get the children and you would end up paying child support. You Nasty Little Fuckslut.

  • Why? Honestly, out of all the things you could have resorted to... why this? Does it really make you feel better knowing how low you've degraded yourself? If your husband makes you feel like s*** why don't you have a decent conversation with him explaining how you feel? And if he doesn't listen then file for a divorce because you're unsatisfied with your marriage. What's the point of the sleeping around? All you're doing is letting everybody know what kind of a slutty person you are, and that doesn't really do much. And if your husband finds out, well he'd be happy to dump your w**** ass.. I mean, even if he loses some money it's better than being with a self degrading woman.

  • We don't know what your husband is because you haven't told us anything but your own opinion. We know exactly what you are though. You're a w**** and even if your hubby does treat you like s***, you divorce him, not f*** every tom, d*** and harry. The truth is, you love HIS money and won't leave. I hope you get aids.

  • God I hope he divorces your slutty s**** ass, proves you are cheating and you get a s*** settlement. That way you can work the corner where whores like you belong.

  • Girl, it's really fabulous that you got with the brother! Whoo-hoo!!!

  • Yeah, it's really lady-like.

  • I totally love that attitude of yours. I think its exactly right, given your circumstances. Your hubby has it coming to him every time you open your legs to one of your boyfriends. Cheating is something I have often thought about doing because my husband treats me the same, but I havent been able to bring myself to do it yet, even though he dates a stripper and calls her a client at his investment business. My husband even "jokingly" teases me in front of other people about my lack of education which humiliates the h*** out of me, but its true so I take it because I sort of have to. I think if we didnt have children I would feel different about cheating on him and would probably do it, but my best girlfriend (who plays around on her husband) says thats just my excuse. Maybe shes right. But anyway, congratulations for having the guts to go out and get what you want!!! And keep doing what your doing because your a hero to me and a million other deprived and s***-on wives out here!

  • You sound hot. At least I think so, if you're f****** those men because you're h**** and not just to get back at your p**** of a husband.

    I'd love to run into you and let you slowly seduce me. I would give you the hottest time ever. I'd like to f*** you in your bed and shave my pubes with your husband's razor.

  • I agree, you are not a good wife. You are a w****, and what kind of brother would sleep with his brother's wife? :( Disgusting people! I agree with Brenda and the other person. ;P

  • Brenda says:


  • Given, your husband is a p**** ... what a nice excuse for you to become a s***.

    Don't say "I'm a good wife", it's :I use to be a good wife".

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