Teaching me to f***.

He's gross, old, and annoying...but he's the best f*** buddy ever!
I love getting my p**** licked and f***** by my homeroom teacher. the first time he did it, I was a little scared but now I love it!
we usually f*** in the storage room during his off period. I bring a spare pair of panties, that's how wet I get!
he makes me c** hard and I return the favor by sucking his fat d***, and swallow sometimes.
I've been to his house a few times and we had the best s** ever! I let him f*** me doggy style and c** in me and we are going to get a motel room one of these weekends so we can have all the fun we want without worrying about being caught.
I cant stand him as a teacher and he's ugly as h***, but I love being his f*** toy. :)

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  • Thats why teenaged girls should be f****** older men instead of those young inexperienced boys!! good for you just don't get caught... I hope to find me a young s***** to satisfy and blow my load into also....

  • oh i would f****** love this! Female BTW ;)

    What the h*** is wrong with you???

    Have you EVER thought what you would do if you got pregnant?

    You are such a fool!
    He is a nasty pervert!

  • She has plenty of respect for herself...she is doing something she enjoys and is not being pressured or forced into it, so more power to her! :)

  • Leave her alone she enjoys f******, it may make her a better lover.

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