23 and needing a great f***...

So I am 23, curvy, Red Hair, Green Eyes and LARGE Breast (42 Double I) Anyway, I am dating someone right now. He is of Older Age...anyway.. out of the year that we have been dating, I have yet to reach an o***** by him.. now i can rub my c*** or use a toy and o***** ...but i have not orgasmed by him...I dont know if I am to deep for him or he is to small, His p**** is about 6.3 inches. Average...but still.. I do Kegals and i tighten up ...but nothing..

Either I need advise on how to make it happan...
Or i need someone to make me o*****..


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  • Discuss these concerns with him and show him what will make you o*****. Sometimes it's just as simple as that! You're a couple after all!

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