Pitiful......just pitiful

Your horrible wife actually believes i cant take you away from her and your daughter. shes wrong. i can take you away and im gonna do exactly that. and im gonna do that next week. so tell her for me ....... have a happy f****** easter, b****. coz after that im taking you away from them. permanent.

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  • just so you will all know i dont have to ever worry about him ever leaving me to go back to his wife or to get with somebody else or to even look at anotherwomen because theres no place in the world hed rather be than between my legs. even my friends say what you say that once a cheater always a cheater but what i have inside of me and what i give him is so much better than all the other women hes had that i know he wont ever ever stray. as for his wife and family well there just in my way but i promise you that they wont be in my way for much longer. i know how to attract and keep men and this man cant resist it not even a little bit. im going to take him this week and theres nothing his wife or family can do to stop me and theres even nothing he can do either. just wait and see. just wait and f****** see.

  • This post is utterly the most pathetic post I've ever read. I'm 17 and I'm pretty sure as h*** you need help. Man, I would've thought that you'd be old enough to understand how to control your actions.. but I guess not. You're just another arrogant troll. Have fun with having the title of "the other woman" for the rest of your life, you stupid conceited s***.

  • sounds to me like the wife has an attitude problem and maybe she has it coming. if its you he wants you should go for it.

  • Are you retarded? How in the world did you come to the conclusion that the wife has an attitude problem from the word "horrible" ... omg people these days.

  • Whether we like it or not, people, life keeps score. And each time the husband leaves the wife and the family to be with the mistress, the mistress wins. And when the husband leaves the wife and the family to be with the mistress PERMANENTLY, the mistress wins the f****** Super Bowl. The mistress wants to win, and she should. And she will. We always do, one way or another. Trust me.

  • That's what they all think. What they don't know is their man is always out there finding somebody better than a whipping ass mistress who spends all of their money. Basically, the man will always be on the look out for somebody newer, younger, and better than the one they left their wives for.

  • Don't let the negative comments discourage you at all. They don't know what they're talking about: they're just regurgitating the nonsense of televanglism or the psychobable of therapy or the inanities of support-group-think, and it's all just perfect bullshit. There's nothing hotter, nothing more thrilling, nothing more delightful, nothing more fulfilling and absolutely nothing f****** SEXIER than knowing that the man knocking on your door, walking into your condo (that he pays for), and entering your bedroom has left behind a wife and family TO BE WITH YOU. There just isn't ANYTHING like that in life. And I know, because I've felt exactly that. The only thing that might rival it is the knowledge that he left them permanently in order to be with you. You're one of the lucky few who have felt the first thing, and of the lucky fewer who are about to feel the second. Go get that man, and don't let his pitiful f****** wife stand in your way. He belongs to you and you need to make that clear to the b****. And to him. DO NOT LET HIM GO!!!!!!

  • There is nothing sexy about being a crazy b****. I think people like you are miserable. It's not a negative comment, I can only imagine what his daughter would feel like if her father did that to her. Which is not the poster's fault, because she can't force anyone to leave anybody. But her evilness is scary, how she would actually feel good about a father abandon his family. How do you people sleep at night? :-/

  • Do it. Put her in her place. Housewives talk a big game, but in the end- they are nothing but whining, annoying twats.

  • And you are nothing but a b****, which is why nobody married you, so you go around trying to steal husbands. Grow the f** up, dumbass! You are only encouraging the poster because you two are the same type of b******, and nobody wants to be a b**** alone. Go die, both of you!

  • OH please idiot, You cannot TAKE anyone way from anybody!!!
    If he leaves he does it on his own!

    If he does leave his family just remember, IF HE CHEATED ON HIS WIFE HE WILL CHEAT ON YOU!!!!!!!!

  • The title represents the poster. You want to take a father from her daughter, and a husband from his wife. Have a great life, evil witch!

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