I was raped by Captain Jack Sparrow

No, I really was. Well, it was actually an impersonator at a party. I feel stupid because I talked to him which was a BIG mistake, I was just interested in his..........career choice. He told me he worked on Hollywood Blvd. and did gigs on the sides. He seemed like an ok enough guy, stayed in character. I just remember blacking out and suddenly coming to in the bathroom, him f****** me without a condom, and I freaked. I ran out and caught a cab, looking back to see if he was chasing me down. A few days later my girl friend I went with asked me about it, apparently he told everyone, said I "begged" him for it. I'm POSITIVE he slipped the date rape drug in my drink, but he f****** told everyone I got drunk (only had 2 beers that night). And the icing on the cake? Turned out the guy was a heroine addict and was rumored to have hep c. Luckily I didn't contract anything but I was terrified for MONTHS. Needless to say, I have yet to go to a party since. My reputation has been shattered :(


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  • It sucks that its a "Blame the Victim" society. Dont worry about your reputation, report him and get that goof put away

  • Sweetheart, you shouldn't worry about your "repuatation", f*** the haters. You need to confide in your friends. You've taken the first step by admitting it on here, and now you need to find the strength to tell someone close to you, so that they can support you and help you get through this. It wasm't your fault.

  • Your brave and that guy is wothless s***

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