I'm a p*** addict

Im a girl, and i go on youtube and search videos about p***, but i only like it when i feel like i need to see it. i hate it when it comes up in reality though, with my friends and family and even when the subject comes up i feel weird and try to change the subject right away. nobody knows about my p*** addiction either, and when i look it up on youtube i have to grab something and start humping it, is this normal, especially for a 13 year old? I've allways wondered how it feels to have s**.

Apr 6, 2012

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  • This is really old but does anyone wanna chat on insta or snap?

  • I am a girl,15, and i am addicted to p*** with girls and women wearing diapers and having s** in them.I wear diapers and plastic pants secretly and love watching videos about girls and women in diapers forced to have s** with guys!

  • I'm 13 too and i watch p*** often i cant help it im also a girl

  • Im 13 (girl) and im addicted to lesbian p***. but youtube doesn't have any. Usually pornhub

  • Im 13 too and I watch p*** a lot... Im a little embarrassed but can't stop. It really is addicting!! Im also a girl

  • I'm 13 and I am a p*** addict I would love to have a g*******

  • I'm addicted to girl on girl p*** also..... I try to stop but I can't resist it makes me wanna have a threesome with two hot chicks (Like that'll ever happen) it just screws with my head sometimes.

  • I'm so h**** come at my big t*** I love to finger

  • im also 13 and im addicted to lesbian p***!

  • yea me too but i also like big d***

  • I'm 13 aswell and i like to go on video chat sites and m********* too girls.

  • I watch p*** too....i m********* while doing it.. :) It feels nice. I wanna have s** badly but im only 13. ;)

  • Hey there girl.....let me make your honey drip....coress you with my words

  • Sounds like you're ready to get laid. So go find a guy you like and get on with it. You'll love it and never want to stop doing it. Nothing wrong with masturbating, either.

  • youtube have no p***. Dailymotion have somebut its not relly p*** its only b**** sucking

  • yeah theres nothing wrong have fun i do it every night since i was 11 im 16 now and in fine

  • It's normal, everyone gets curious at some point. I started that when I was eight and I'm now fifteen and still do it. It helps you to get to know what you like, so that whenever you get a sexual partner, you already know what you like. It also helps you know if everything is working well :)

  • I think it's normal. And "normal" doesn't have to mean "common". The thing is, when you're a girl watching p***, it's normal to feel the way you do- you probably always will, because it's very taboo, because other girls almost never talk about it, because it's perceived as wrong.
    My advice is to try and keep yourself under check so you don't get really addicted. It's easy to slip into that, and it might make you less productive. I'm from an ultra conservative culture and I wanted to shoot myself the day my parents found p*** on my computer- I thought they'd shoot me. I was made to feel like I was disturbed and perverted and needed professional help. And now we have the strictest, sickest kind of internet security you can imagine. And I've come to not care but it makes me feel sad because I know I'm normal, and I still m********* often.

  • WTF.? O.o

  • omg ikr?? i was looking facebook confessions then i come here..

  • there is no harm u r looking for p*** over net. i think its a human nature... u may be trying to m********* after watching videos on youtube. if u want u can find more on

    nd let me tel u one thing, having s** is really a good thing. it feels grt and there is nothing bad about it

  • Yeah...might want to try another tube...lol.

    Knock yourself out kid....hump your brains out kid.

  • good luck finding p*** on youtube lol..

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