I've been f****** someone else's boyfriend because i just want to be wanted. i hate myself for it but without him i'm alone and then i hate myself even more. i lost my virginity to this guy and i can't tell anyone - it's eating me up inside.

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  • The word "I" is capitalized.

  • Been there. Done that. I made it stop one year ago in May. I got tired of him controlling me. I mean I was at his beckon call and he didn't even reply to my text half the time because "she" was there. Talk about putting a girl in her place. It's hard though. I wanted to go back. We had been sleeping with each other for YEARS. And he was my first. It was hard, because for a long time he was all I knew and was comfortable with. It gets easier. But whenever I see his facebook statuses or see happy little pictures of them. It still stings. Still makes me roll my eyes and say he doesn't love her. Because if he did he wouldn't have wanted me to. But it's easier for you to stop it then A.) He stops it and makes you feel even more unwanted and lonely or B.) She finds out and all h*** breaks loose. Your not a s***.

  • It should be "You're" in your last sentence.

  • I think that you need to get your s*** together because f****** another girl's boyfriend is wrong. You want to feel wanted? Then have some respect. For YOU AND the guys girlfriend. How would you feel if you were dating somebody and you found out they've been f****** another girl because the girl wanted to feel "wanted"? It's f***** up. So before you can actually be "wanted" you need to get your priorities straight.

  • Do not EVER allow yourself, your identity or your self-worth to be defined by the presence or absence of a man in your life, nor by any particular man. I can't make it any clearer: DO NOT EVER ALLOW THAT. I really don't care who you f***, or who he's with, or what his situation is, or who he lives with, or what his entanglements or commitments are: none of that makes a half-a-s***'s worth of difference in the overall scheme of things. F****** is for pleasure and procreation, not identification. Your post doesn't say how old you are, but I sense you're rather young, so I'll simply offer this additional perspective: how you feel today, and how you think today, and what you believe today, and who you're friends with today, will not be precisely the same come summertime, or this time next year, or the year after, so don't let your present funk force you into making choices you wouldn't otherwise make because you think you have to, because you don't: the world will spin on its axis and your world will spin, too. If you enjoy f****** the guy you're with, if he makes you feel good, if he makes you feel special, or if you just like the taboo nature of it, then f*** him. A lot. Otherwise, find another guy to f***. There are plenty of us out here, we all like to f***, and most of us even like to f*** women.

  • Ok, you are not a s***, you are just acting like one. S**** sleep with other girl's boyfriends just because they don't care if they are hurting someone, they only care about themselves. You don't sound like that, you sound like you are a very confused person. If I only knew your acts and not your feelings, I'd judge you and say that you're a s***. You need to organize your life. You're only human, don't hate yourself.

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