Small b****** make me crazy

How to deal with small ****?
All of my pleasure in s** is nearly banished
with me because I am to self conscious about my
b****** to enjoy the experience.

I cant watch manga, or certain television shows with big breasted
women anymore, because it just makes me want to cry, all night.

Most of my life is spent hiding and seeking approval
because of my insecurity of being a small breasted woman.

My boyfriend tells me he loves my body.
I can't accpet the idea of plastic surgery.
Thank you for reminding me, in advance.

Everytime I try to love myself, I find great aspects to love
and appreciate about myself, but my b****** are still small
and it affects my self esteem and my realtionship/sexuality
in a lot of ways. I dont know what to do any more.

I feel so ugly without big b******. I hate shows that make
fun of girls with small b******, it makes me literally run
to the bathroom with embarrassment to cry.

Even tho my boyfriend tells me he loves me
exactly the way i am, I just cannot believe he
is satisfied, how can he possibly be?!?!

Do other women feel this way? How do you cope?!

I cause fights between me and my boyfriend,
even tho it only results in me showing my absolute
insecurity. I hate my body for that one reason only.

I hate it when he touches my chest while im laying down
I feel boney, and unattractive.

What can I do to change this in myself?
I try so hard to condition myself to love me...
Should I get hypnotized?

No bra makes me feel better.
No push up bra will make a REAL difference.
I cant afford surgery. I just feel awful and like it is truly
ruining my relationship with my special someone.

Yes, So... I have small b******....
and to be honest... I don't even know what size I am because I'm too small to even care.
Besides, there isn't much of a difference in a 34A and 36A.

Do any other girls go through this

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  • I love small tittes on a small frame

    I would take you in a heartbeat

  • There are literally TONS of guys who absolutely go WILD for tiny t******!!! My wife of 34 years has 35AA's (she calls them 'nipples on ribs' and is pretty average looking in all her other body aspects (cute face), but gets come-ons, and sexual comments ALL THE TIME!
    Just believe in yourself, love what you have, and others will too. Don't hide them, stick 'em out there with pride, and you'll be amazed how many men take notice and give you attention! Above all, don't change yourself just to conform with some idea of what others or social media THINKS is 'attractive'. I say, "god bless your little boobies", there are plenty of guys out there just dying to love up on 'em.

  • Hey cheer up! small b****** are the most sexy, beautiful, eye appealing turn on, and I'd rather have a nice small pair of perky firm b**** in my hands and my mouth then to try and stuff globs of excess fat into my hands or mouth.....small breast don't make you any less of a woman then a big breased woman it's your womanly character, triat's and attitude that make you all the woman you can be!!! so don't stress it baby because there are man who love and adore the petite equipment that you were born with.

  • Your A cups could be full of cancer but they're not - be thankful and enjoy them! If you're overweight or out of shape, do something about it so your A's are in proportion to the rest of your body. I'm an A-cup and while I sometimes think of all the fun I'd have with a big set for a week or so, I wouldn't want to carry those things around. If I go out wearing one of those tight little spaghetti strap tanks with a shelf bra, I get way more stares than I ever do in a padded bra - way more. If I'm braless I'm always a little nipped out, which men love to see, from what I can tell. I love my round, sensitive, high-riding, small b******! And I'm proud of myself for not giving in to stuffing my body with fake silicone.

  • I personally prefer small b******. Perky a-cups or b-cups are way hotter to me than saggy c or d cups. Just one guys opinion, but I'll take small b****** on a cute petite girl of big ones any day.

  • People just need to shut up about just be patient they'll grow. you know what? they really won't. I'm 19 years old and I have a 32aa, my bf says he loves them but I can't listen. I'm in the same boat as you and all we have is to cope with it. that's it.

  • I know right?! People always said that to me, "be patient they'll grow they'll grow." here I am, 22 years old and still an a cup. But you know what, girls? It's not so bad, all my guys I've been with have told me they prefer my small nicely shaped ones over big saggy ones. I'd rater be skinny and small chested than all big and blubbery! You can use makeup (bronzer etc) to contour them if you want to get a little cleavage, I have and it works great. But small ones aren't so bad! I used to cry and cry all the time and I mean ALL the time for years but not anymore!

  • Don't feel about your b**** babe there's people that love small boobed women like me. Anyway when you get older they get bigger.

  • If you don't mind going through mood swings or a higher s** drive there are hormonal supplements to put you through an "emulated puberty" it can increase breast size but the negative aspects of puberty (stated above) would effect you too.

  • you can make a surgery when you grow older, i think its worth it

  • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I have small ass b**** too. And to be completely honest there was a point in my life where it was my biggest insecurity. I felt ashamed whenever I watched p*** or saw celebrities with big b**** on magazines. But I soon came to realization that I should just be thankful for what I've got. It's not much but it's something.
    B**** are really just b****. Whether they're small or big, they're still b****. And if a guy loves you enough he'll accept you for who you are, just like what your boyfriend is doing! So don't be upset because there are PLENTY of people who aren't big breasted. Feel welcomed into the small titty committee :)

  • I don't know how old you are...but when I was 17 I went from a 34 A to a 36 C in one summer. Hang in there sugar!

  • Don't let your t*** run your life kid...

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