Lying c***

Was really good friends with this girl who swore up and down that she and her best friend who's a guy were just friends and nothing at all was going on but I found out this week reading her tweets that they're more than that and she strait up lied to me for the last 8 months. Knew in my gut there was something she wasn't telling me, she just seemed to good to be true, nobody is that perfect. The funny thing is is that we still could of still been friends if she just told me cause I never cared who she f***** or dated but you lie to me and you're dead to me. F*** you you lying c***.

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  • What? You now hate her for finding love with a guy who is not dating you? I get it, you like the dude and now you are jealous of her. She did nothing wrong to you. All she did was tell you nothing was going on and that is probably true. If things have heated up recently between then its not her fault. You said they were best friends! What do you think being friends leads to? Let it go and find your own boy friend.

  • I empathise w. You: Nothing hurts more than the lie. Good luck man and hope it works out better w your next partner.

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